Hello people of the interwebs. Seeing as how this will be my first “official” blog I suppose it is time I introduce myself. Those “About Me” sections on profiles get to be so trite after a while that they honestly become boring. Seriously, how many times must a person regurgitate their name, their age, hobbies, interests favorite movies, favorite music, and how much they like dogs/cats/birds/lizards before the shit gets old? The one thing I cringe at the most on any social network is the “About Me”. So when I saw it again on this blog site, I instantly decided this first post will be your opportunity to get to know me. That’s right; I saw a loophole and took it.
         I am Kelley Nymph. I like to model, and I am currently freelance—not belonging to any agency. As I have repeated ad nauseam on the various networking sites, I do not like to classify myself and my style. From what I have seen, once you thrust something or someone into a genre they become limited by that classification. I like many things from the dark and macabre, punk and pinup, to kawaii and rainbow, to fantasy, bohemian, and glamour. Versatility is definitely something good to have in this industry.
I would like to call myself an MUA (makeup artist) as well, though I honestly have no professional training in makeup. What I have learned has been through a combination of experimentation, trial and error, and looking at what other people have done/are doing. If that isn’t the essence of being an artist, I don’t know what is.
         I have a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese from the University of Maryland. So yes, I can speak read and write Japanese. I also lived in Japan for a year, and want to go back. Soon. Hopefully my dream will some come true.
I am a writer. I’ve been writing ever since I could string together a story and have not stopped since. I dabble in art, and crafts. I like games, books, anime and if you couldn’t already tell I have nerdish tendencies. I like to travel, and want to see as much of the world as I can. I love music, live for concerts, and (just like many people) wished I could have been a rock star. 😛 Also, I love to use emoticons, so get used to it.
Seeing as how I have already grown weary of talking about me, I guess this is as good a place as any to end my intro. I guess the rest of what you will learn about me will come from reading this and seeing my work. I hope not to disappoint. 😉


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