Entering the Faerie Circle…..Faeriecon 2011

This past Saturday, I managed to attend Faeriecon and the Bad Faerie’s ball at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. Though I arrived quite late, it was still an amazing sight walking in. The hotel itself had no indication that anything was going on the outside, but once I saw a fae smoking a cigarette outside, I knew I had to be in the right place.

Walking into the con was like entering the faerie circle and there was no going back. Unlike most conventions or other renaissance/mythic type events I have been to, there were very few plain clothes wearing muggles around, and those who were weren’t attending the con; they usually stumbled upon it accidentally whilst wandering through the hotel, much like mortals wandering into the faerie realm. 😛

The muggles, as I now call them after a friend of mine used the same term at the renaissance festival to describe plain clothed individuals, always had those questions as well…..

“Do you dress like this everyday?”

“Are there, like, a lot of these things?”

“Are you a hippy/wiccan/witch/devil worshipper?”

And my favorite:

“Do you have alter-egos?”

Of course none of these is a statement I haven’t heard before, except for the last one, that one was a new one. 😀

It was absolutely freezing outside, so I had to wait until I entered to put my wings on, since I couldn’t wear my coat over them. I wore a blue and black ensemble which I randomly pieced together with what I had lying around the house two days beforehand. The wings, black and blue swallowtail butterfly wings which I rather liked, were actually purchased at a local Halloween shop the day after Halloween (half price, hells yeah!). I had initially planned to make my own wings, but being as busy as I had been in the days leading up to Halloween, and also due to my recent Vegas trip, I simply could not find the time. Next year, next year…. 😉

Here’s a taste of what I looked like that evening:

As I was adjusting my wings, I bumped into photographer friend George Skepton, the person who originally introduced me to this interesting world last year with his album on Facebook showcasing this event. If it were not for George, I don’t think I would have known this sort of thing existed. 🙂  I soon ran into other friends:Shiloh, Alena Interrupted, and George’s lady Kristie. I had arrived late, so unfortunately there was not much time to look around, but I did browse the jewelry and clothes for sale and they all looked amazing. I was particularly impressed by Big Circle Steampunk Emporium’s selection. I was so impressed with their finery that I actually put something on lay away.

The garb everyone was wearing was simply incredible, I felt like I was admiring every person who walked by. It was easy to see why George and other photographers came to photograph this event. There was something amazing to see everywhere you looked.

The Bad Faerie’s Ball wasn’t a ball as much as it was a show or a concert. There was live music on stage and many people watched the show, while others formed circles towards the back and the middle and danced to their heart’s content. The music really evoked a certain feeling in me, like being in a medieval village festival. It is the same feeling I get at the renaissance festival, and it always brings a smile to my lips.

People at Faeriecon were just so friendly, I found that even though I only knew a select few people there, strangers welcomed you with open arms and it was a truly nice feeling. It was like seeing an old family member you haven’t seen in years; though you knew nothing about each other, the feeling of acceptance was there. I will certainly make my best effort to attend next year.


One response to “Entering the Faerie Circle…..Faeriecon 2011

  1. Kelley, It’s so good to read this blog entry about Faeriecon, so well written – so many observations, and this so true: “There was something amazing to see everywhere you looked.” And I’m so glad to see our picture with your eyes closed, so graceful, so deep. You are awesome! Ken

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