Shoots, shoots, and more shoots

 I have been a busy bee lately.
            In addition to working my actual day job, I have also done 3 shoots this week, including the recent meet and greet at the Graffiti Warehouse. On Thursday Jim O’Connor, Duke and Patty Barrett, Alena Interrupted, Shiloh and I met in the Inner Harbor to work on long exposure shots in the city. It was an experimental project more than anything, but I believe we got some good results.
            Alena, for a change of pace, was photographing this time and not modeling which was different for me, being used to having her on my end of the lens with me, lol. She did very well with it.
            The shoot almost did not happen, since it had started raining mid afternoon that day and continued raining until about 7pm.  Originally, many more people were going to come up but the weather scared them off. It was quite cold that night, but I bore with it and towards the end of the shoot my toes were going numb. Luckily, we were not out very long. I’m glad I decided to go in spite of the crappy weather. The results were very cool, I think.

            Friday was a day off of work due to Veterans Day, so I had some time to relax and do all that normal mundane stuff: lunch with my family and friends (some of which are vets and active military), a visit to the gym, and also a trip to the thrift store which yielded some fun stuff I hope to shoot in someday soon and a few good books. 
            Saturday was the Graffiti Warehouse M&G. It was quite packed this time around and I was happy to see a lot of people I don’t typically see there that day. I was running late so I only brought one outfit that day. Besides, I doubted I could have made the goth outfit I had thought about bringing work with my glamtastic glitter I had on for my main look. I also wore this white faux fur jacket I had bought a few years back from Wet Seal and when I got in my car and saw myself in my mirror, I realized my theme song for that ride had to be “Gangsta Sexy” by Hollywood Undead.
            It seemed fitting, IMO.

            Apparently Jenny Dang has been labeled my sidekick, and several people were asking me where she was, which was amusing for me.
            Sunday, I did my first ever official cosplay shoot. I have been photographed at stuff like Otakon and Katsucon, but I never did a formal shoot of any anime cosplay before, so I was excited. Who was I, you ask? Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). If you have never heard of her before, this is her:

Some things didn’t completely work out, unfortunately—damn Murphy’s law. The location the photographer and I had initially decided on actually closed for the season after Halloween, so we had to shoot around the area he lives.  I actually FORGOT to make the straw doll prop I needed for the shoot because I had been so busy with other stuff all week, so I had to spend 3 hours before the shoot throwing together something I could use. I crafted a doll out of Raffia and spray painted it black. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned out in my mind, but I feel like it worked out well enough considering the time constraint.
I also had issues with my putting on my contacts. I don’t wear contacts on the regular and it is always strange for me to touch my eye. I would blink it out and it was quite frustrating. Finally, the wig I wore was simply being an unholy nightmare which I wanted to throw it in the trash at the end of the shoot. It was not the best wig…..anyone who knows where I can get decent cosplay wigs, feel free to comment and let me know.     
But even after all that…I feel like we got some decent stuff.

I will be taking a short breather, and then I’ll be up to more modeling adventures around Thanksgiving. Ironically, I have actually been looking forward to the work week! 😛


3 responses to “Shoots, shoots, and more shoots

  1. You were wonderful at Graffiti Warehouse – so glad I didn’t leave before our photos. Also, next time you are at an anime convention, let’s schedule a shoot. (I’m going to Anime USA this weekend, then Katsucon in February). PS: I love that you are blogging. I want to also.

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