Farewell Gallery 788: the Final Opening

Last night was the farewell opening for Baltimore’s Gallery 788. I’m not exactly clear on the details of the situation but after the end of this year, Gallery 788 will be no more. However, this is not getting the gallery’s owner Eduardo down; he told me that he will certainly be finding a new place, which makes me feel a little better, but I will miss the art gallery I came to know and love over the last year.

            Before heading to the gallery, Mark Wagner treated Jenny and me to dinner at Golden West Café in Hamden. It was my first time there and I was pleased. From the first moment I walked in, I knew it was a great choice from the delicious aromas that hit me as soon as I walked in the door. The menu is an interesting blend of flavors; they have breakfast which is served all day, burgers, soup and salads, and their own spin on Mexican fare.

They had this amazing pumpkin curry soup, which I devoured so quickly I couldn’t even spare a second to take a photo of it for this blog. Trust me, it is AMAZING. We also split an order of chips and their homemade guacamole—also delicioso.  I’m not a vegan, and I’m usually not into vegan food, but I could not resist getting the black bean burger with a side of garlic fries. The burger was delicious, and garlic lovers: these fries will be your haven. It’s more than French fries sprinkled with garlic; these fries are fried with cut up pieces of garlic. Yum. A warning though: You will need mints afterwards. LOL I topped it all off with a signature cocktail named “Slayer” which was a mixture of red berry vodka, and pomegranate juice served in a sugar rimmed martini glass. Very classy.

Mark, a photographer whom I have worked with a few times now, had an exhibit for the final show, and yours truly was a part of it. My two photos in the show were titled “The Horror” and “Loving Heartbeat”. The second one was from my shoot with Bunny Switchblade, a good friend of mine. Many other people I knew were featured on Mark’s wall, including my friend Jenny Dang and the owner of Gallery 788, Eduardo.



            For the opening Mark, Jenny, and I decided to all go together dressed in steampunk outfits. I had been collecting articles of clothing and jewelry to put together a steampunk costume for a while now and this was my first opportunity to test out my look. Judging by the compliments on my outfit, I think it worked out. Just check out some of these awesome pictures of us there:

       I was pleased to see many familiar faces and I met a few new people as well. I am hoping the same sort of atmosphere migrates wherever Eduardo decides to move to.


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