A Graffiti Christmas

T’was 8 days until Christmas, and the models and photographers were abound…where else, but the Graffiti Warehouse–near Baltimore downtown? It’s that time again: time for another Graffiti Warehouse meet and greet, and since Christmas is right around the corner, the theme was—of course– Christmas. Luis, the building owner, was actually kind enough to let me have a guest list this time which was a good feeling and I helped to promote the event by inviting photographers, models, MUAs, and people who should be models IMO. 😛

Weeks before the event was scheduled to happen, I mulled over what to wear, the usual pre-meet and greet ponderings. I knew I wanted to wear my kick ass black and red Santa hat, but I wasn’t sure what else to do with it. Then I remembered an outfit I had bought a while ago from Hot Topic. It was a Lip Service outfit made for Hot Topic, and I bought the outfit for a shoot that ended up never happening about a year ago. Instantly, I decided on that, since it was red and black, like my hat…..if you know me, you know I am pretty obsessive about matching. Also, the red and black striped made me think of an evil candy cane, which I kind of liked. Lol

            I had also been toying with the idea of shooting in an ugly Christmas sweater and somehow making it look cool. So imagine my surprise when, during my last shoot with Ren of Random Eye Candy Photography, Ren mentions she wants to do an “ugly Christmas sweater” shoot. Score! I swear, great minds truly do think alike.

            So, in the days leading up to the meet and greet, I began my quest for an ugly sweater– an ugly Christmas sweater that I could somehow make awesome, because it is so hideously awful. I started with Goodwill, and I found gold there. I only looked at 3 sweaters when I found this: 

            True, it is not as much of a “sweater” as it is a cardigan, but honestly: who gives a fuck. I took one look at this garment— which looked like Christmas threw up all over it— and knew I had a winner. I even sent the photo to Ren who texted me back with an excited, “Yes!!!!”

            So I was all ready to go, I had my cool outfit, I had my ugly Christmas sweater, and I even went out and got numerous Christmassy props, like ornaments, garland, candy canes, and a box done up to look like a present. I was all ready to go.

            I got dressed that day, putting on my skirt, thigh highs, and shoes, and saved the shirt for last. The shirt had snaps instead of buttons, and the one at the top was shut tight. Just when I tried to pull it apart— RIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP.


            I ripped a hole across the entire left breast of the shirt, and there was no way to repair it in such a way that it would not be noticed. This was an epic wardrobe malfunction for me; stuff like this just never happens to me. I had a moment of panic, unsure what to do. But after that moment subsided, I calmly began to go through my selection of blouses that I wear to my actual “day job”, hoping I could find a passable replacement. True, the red and black vinyl piping would not be there, but I managed to salvage the little tie from the top and put it under the collar of my black blouse. Voila. Improvisational fix.

            Then I went to do my makeup, but to my confusion, my foundation was no where to be found. I searched my whole room for it, looked in the bathroom, the living room, under furniture, in purses…..it was gone, and I still have no idea where it went. Irritated, I decided to take my supplies with me to the warehouse, and do my makeup there after getting new foundation.

            I was happy to see so many people had made it out, but there was also quite a line at the door. I ran into several friendly faces, and met a few new people too. I also got to get a shoot in with Ellen (aka: Sapphire RainForest) a shoot with my buddy Cecily, and I met some new people, and enjoyed dinner at Joe Squared with Connor Jacobs, Rob Rohr, and Ken Morrill…. All courtesy of the very awesome Ken Morrill (thank you Ken!!! J ) Unfortunately, it always seems inevitable that I miss out on something at these sorts of events. I had really hoped to get a few shots with a friend of mine, but they disappeared before we could shoot, I never got to use my ornaments at all, and there are always so many photographers and never enough time…..Hell, to get in the shots of my ugly Christmas sweater, Ren ended up staying in her studio with me past 6 o’clock, even though it was all supposed to end at 6. I think it was worth it though. I cannot wait to see what she sends me.  My little fake present surprisingly made it’s way into this cute shot with the amazing Lori Dodson by Pat Bourque: Lori and my present. :P

            As always, here’s a small taste, more will be up on the facebook fan page in time. Enjoy, and to all of my friends: Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, メリークリスマス , Mele Kalikimaka, Froehliche Weinachten, and Joyeux Noel!


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