Pinups and Playboys in New Cumberland, PA

Okay, I haven’t done a real blog entry in a bit, and I’m sorry about that. I did give you fair warning though with my post on my Catherine addiction. But, since I am currently stuck on a stage and running out of swears that I know in multiple languages to hurl at the game in my frustration, I figured it’s time to get back to talking about the modeling stuff. My first shoot of 2012 was the Pin-ups and Playboys event hosted by Syn of Dark Dreams Productions. I have worked with Syn before, but usually she was the photographer at previous events I went to. This one she was host and MUA, and did not do any actual shooting. I don’t get to work with her very often because of the distance—she is located in PA, near Harrisburg—but whenever I do it is always a good experience. This event was held in a warehouse studio in New Cumberland, PA. A bit of a hike, but the scenery was nice driving up. Some of the architecture in the area really is something to admire. If I had the time, I would honestly go back and just take random snapshots of the town.

When I first arrived, I didn’t really know where to go. I parked where I saw other cars parked, but was clueless on how to get into the place— it was a BIG building, with several entrances. Feeling a little silly for being so uninformed, I casually meandered around the building waiting for someone else to come who remotely knew what they were doing. Eventually two other models showed up, but they were just as in the dark as I was, and we wandered until someone finally came who could tell us where to go. How many models does it take to find the entrance? Apparently; 4. LOL

 One convenient/cool thing about these sorts of shoots is I don’t have to do half as much work to prep as I usually do. Typically, I am pulling wardrobe out, getting jewelry together, manicuring my nails, and picking out my makeup the night before and stressing trying to have it all set up so I can play the roles of model/MUAH/stylist/. Whenever I shoot with Dark Dreams, typically all I have to worry about is getting there and doing my nails. Every time I’ve shot with Syn, there were MUA and hair stylists on site, wardrobe provided, and sometimes even props, shoes, and accessories. It certainly makes things easier for me.

There were so many people at this event, every time I turned around there was someone there. It almost felt a little claustrophobic, but it was exciting at the same time to be apart of something that so many people were putting all their energy into. Syn did my makeup and a talented lady named Karli Study did my hair. Her aim was for a Bettie-Page like style, and even though I don’t have Bettie’s signature bangs, I feel like she accomplished her mission. 🙂

Once I was all made up and ready to go, I went out into the main part of the building which had been set up to offer multiple photo shoot set ups. I ended up missing one or two of the photographers who were there, but I worked with everyone else and had a great time with it. I was especially pleased with one photographer who, upon hearing I’d never really done a pinup style before, helped me by instructing me on typical pinup style poses. It was very informative for me, and I appreciated the instruction.

Another cool thing about this event was one of the photographers, Jason Starr, actually offered one 8”/10” print to each of the models from their set. I thought it was pretty cool to have something like that— most shoots I have done I only get digital copies. I was glad I made the trek up to New Cumberland, PA for this shoot. It was certainly worth it and I finally got to experiment with the pinup look. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again soon. I’ll leave my readers with a small sample of what we got that day. There will be more on the facebook fan page, so be sure to check it out!



2 responses to “Pinups and Playboys in New Cumberland, PA

  1. It was nice meeting you at the event. I enjoyed it. The only complaint I had with the event was sparkles in the eye makeup. When interacting with the strobe lights, it tends to make the models look like they’re sweating.

    I hope to get a chance to shoot with you again someday.

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