New World Order

            So the Graffiti Warehouse has been keeping the meet and greets going to the point where they are a monthly thing these days. They’ve really been delving into themes. This past one was “New World Order” a post apocalyptic/steampunk theme. It ended up being steampunk more than anything, but there were a few post apocalyptic folks running around….and even a few zombies! Ahhh! 😛 Don’t worry, there were also zombie hunters in attendance to keep them from running amok. Lol (Both of these are by my friend Rob Rohr, of Rohrvision Photography, btw.)

            I have felt lately like there is just too much to see and do and I can never fit in everything at a meet and greet. Take this past M&G for example; I didn’t get to shoot with everyone I wanted to, I didn’t even get to wear any of the other outfits I brought with me. We took time out to go across the street to Joe Squared and eat—trust me it was a much needed lunch/dinner— and by the time we came back it was pretty much time to get a few last shots and call it a night. I spent a bit of time watching other people shooting, to be honest. I always love to see Orla Rose and Roxana Hire do their thing, they are always simply amazing. Ren had two models come up from NC: Vivica Hallow and Kat Kalashnikov. I watched Ren shoot with Vivica and I have to tell you that she is a model who knows her shit. I watched when this picture was taken and I knew it would be amazing on sight, so I have to share. Hopefully Ren won’t mind me posting this here…

            One cool thing about this last meet and greet was my friend Mars Magma, who is pretty well known in the Club Orpheus and Baltimore rave scene, made me a pretty awesome set of steampunk themed cyberlox to wear for the shoot. They even came with a little hat! I love little hats….lol. I got a ton of compliments on them, and everyone was asking about them. If you are interested in lox at an affordable price, you should check out his page on facebook, just search Marslox. He can customize pieces to fit your needs and they are very affordable….none of this $300 a set bullshit like what I used to see online and in the dealer’s room at Otakon. Mars even got in on the photo magic himself… (Photo by Rob Rohr, again)

            I was also happy I convinced my friend Erik to come out. Erik is quite a good looking guy and male models are hard to come by, so I bugged him to come out for a bit. We got some great shots together, and he also got a few with some of the other models in attendance. Here’s one I like of us by Rob Rohr:

            Jenny Dang wowed me with her look. I couldn’t stop admiring the creativity she had that day. For those of you who are anime fans, think of Prof. Stein from Soul Eater…..but female. Wowza. (Photo by Ren.)

            The next meet and greet, since it is in February, will have a Valentine feel…..with a little bit of naughty tied in. Stay tuned for more! Hope you enjoyed this most recent installment of my adventures.  I’ll leave with some of my fav shots that I’ve received so far….as always the rest will be on facebook as they are given to me. (


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