Lacuna Coil, an Abandoned House Shoot, and Digital Artistry

So the past week has been a busy one. Last Tuesday was the Lacuna Coil concert at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore with my friend Adriana’s band Forgive the Fallen. It was an amazing show. There is truly no other time I feel as alive as when I am at a concert. When the music is playing and the crowd is hyped up, the energy is so invigorating. The opening band, Vessel, was not an act I was fond of. I could tell they were going for a Tool influenced sound by the sound of their bass lines, but a combination of things about them I just wasn’t into… particularly the fact that I couldn’t really hear the singer at all—his mic seemed to be down really low. Forgive the Fallen was amazing, as always. Mike always amuses me, bouncing all over the stage, he’s fun to watch—always all hyped up. Adriana always wins the crowd over with her amazing voice too, some spectators behind me did not know who FTF was in the beginning, but by the end of their set, they were raving about them. I felt glad for her and the band, this show was really good for them. When I talked to Adriana afterwards, people kept running up and asking for autographs and pictures. I felt happy for her; it was like she was living the big time. Of course, there was Lacuna Coil….they were incredible! Every song was simply electric. I made it up to the front row for a bit, but I ended up moving back to be near another friend of mine. A lot of the songs they played were off of their new album, Dark Adrenaline, which just came out a few days before the show, but they also mixed in some older stuff and fan favorites. After all my dancing, jumping, and cheering I went to work the next day with sore feet and a hoarse sounding voice, but it was totally worth it. 🙂

I hadn’t done a shoot in 2 weeks, and as usual, I was getting restless. I posted about my dilemma on facebook and Jason McNeil actually responded, willing to set something up on Friday at an abandoned house in the Severn area. I decided to have fun with it and agreed, and did a more glamorous look than I typically do, using a prom dress I had bought at a thrift store. The dress photographed like a dream and despite some equipment malfunctions in the beginning, we got some great shots. There were two other models (Nicci and Brooke Jordana) along who I had never met before, and another photographer, Farid Yared. I felt a little weird at first, the shy Kelley had taken over when I first got there. I knew nobody and was a little out of my element. But later on I eased up and was even joking around with the other girls and having fun.

Here’s a taste. It’s not the typical “goth” me, but it looks kind of nice. A smile even crept into one of the shots. Jason must have been a ninja to catch that. Lol

            Jason wrote about the shoot in his own blog on his photography page. On working with me, he said, “I have to say working with Kelley Nymph was a lot of fun and intimidating to me at least. She is experienced model and she is talented. She takes direction well and I really wanted to impress her with what we had to offer.” I felt flattered reading this and at the same time I also felt a bit surprised. I have never thought of myself as intimidating in any way; I mean seriously—-if you’ve ever seen me in person, you’ll know why. Lol

            Reading this comment made me realize I have grown a lot since my first couple years on the modeling scene. Even so, I still feel humble. When people tell me I am talented and compliment me, the compliments make me feel great inside, but I still always think I can do better. I guess that’s a good thing though. I am not a fan of people who think they are all that, and if the day ever comes that I am that cocky, I will know that it is time for me to stop.

On Saturday, I had a shoot scheduled with Patti Ridlon, of Pattipics Photography. She is more of a digital artist than a photographer. A large portion of her work involves post editing, and most of what she shoots is just a model on a green screen, which becomes magical later. It was interesting for me, working in this way. I had no idea how the photos would turn out until after she edited them, but from what she has sent me so far, I am very impressed. She has encouraged me to make a deviantart account, and I aim to do so…..soon, hopefully.

EnchantressLighthousethe boat

That’s all for now. This Saturday is the Love and Lust meet and greet at the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore, and I have some fun concepts in my mind, and I look forward to playing with them.  Until next time……


2 responses to “Lacuna Coil, an Abandoned House Shoot, and Digital Artistry

  1. The art that you are co-creating is so amplified and amazing. I don’t know how one person can exist so simultaneously in as many ranges of the spectrum of beauty as you do, forming images that have never been seen – poetry for the eyes.

  2. Thanks again for allowing me to photograph you. You are amazing person. Will be seeing you soon I am sure. Oh, and yea you have a great smile and it was very natural in the photo. Peace!

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