Love & Lust Meet and Greet

Forgive me, my readers. I must sadly report that I have been out of sorts lately in my personal life and so I have been unable to blog recently. In addition to that, the subject of my last planned blog had fallen under some controversy, so I was unsure if I should write, what I should write, and how I should write it—-to be perfectly honest.

            February 11th was the Graffiti Warehouse Love and Lust Meet and Greet. From the way it was promoted, I will honestly say that I thought it was going to be a lot more scandalous. I honestly imagined naked girls and bondage everywhere, and although there were some of those things around the warehouse, I feel the event was conducted well in that doors were shut while people were shooting, and more privacy was given to those who needed it.         

            I started out my day at the warehouse in a more casual ensemble, before changing into a fancier getup. The second outfit got rave reviews. I think I owe that to the corset. I love corsets, and have been acquiring a greater collection of them, although I still feel I have nothing compared to the collection of Roxana Hire and Orla Rose. They always have an awesome corset on that I’m drooling over, and they are usually by Timeless Trends. I advise you corset lovers check them out. 😉

            I worked with some old favorites at this meet and greet, but most of my time was spent working with people I have never shot with before. One of these was actually a coworker of mine from my day job, it was his first time at Graffiti Warehouse and I think he got some nice stuff. I also got some great shots with Bryan Logan fromLoganPhoto and Chris Allison. But I was especially happy to have had the chance to pose with Marzi Marz for a few shots. She looked so adorable and our alternating hair colors and outfits really complimented each other, I think.

           One of the highlights of the day was shooting with Roxana and Nikki in the hallway on the second floor. Kudos to Roxana who actually got a cow liver to use as a mock heart.

            I also happened to be lucky enough to model some goodies for designer Rae Beth. She is based inMarylandand makes some amazing fascinators and feather hairpieces. I strongly recommend checking out her site if you enjoy gorgeous hair pieces. Just check out the cool pieces modeled by myself, Roxana, Vicki, and Jenny. Check her out on facebook:!/pages/Rae-Beth-Designs/204704646710?sk=info

            I had a really great time at this meet and greet, and it was very unfortunate that a lot of drama came up afterwards because a certain model was told she had to pay more to get in due to her proportions, and subsequently had to leave because she did not have the additional funds. As a promoter of the Graffiti Warehouse I was embarrassed to find out that something like this happened. Not only was this a policy that seemed to have just been invented out of thin air, but it was also very discriminatory and the model I mentioned, in addition to a few others affected, were very hurt by what happened. I love the GW, and I am always saying such positive things about the place so it personally shamed me to find out that such things were happening. Things have since been resolved and an apology has been issued but I do believe a lot of damage has already been done, judging by the talk I have seen on modeling forums I am apart of.    

            I want you all to know, as I’m sure you may have gathered from my previous posts, that I do not support discrimination and welcome diversity. I would also like to take this time to apologize to the girls turned away, even though I was not apart of the situation. I want anyone reading this to know that this is not what the Graffiti Warehouse was ever supposed to be and that the collective most certainly did not support the actions of the person involved in this poor decision. Hopefully, in time, the damage from this faux pas can be repaired. The GW’s next meet and greet is on March 10th, but I regret to announce that I will be unable to attend due to a prior scheduled engagement. Nonetheless I encourage my readers to go check out the meet and greet.


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