Adventures in Rainbow Cyber Lox

           I have to tell you, one good accessory can truly go a long way. I went to Katsucon 2012 at the Gaylord Hotel for only one day, Friday, but while I was there I (of course) did a little shopping in the dealer’s room and artist’s alley. One of the things I ended up picking up was this totally awesome set of rainbow cyberlox by Zombie Buddy Productions. These things are awesome. I was instantly attracted to them because of the collection of bright colors, and unlike many of my hairfalls, these clip into the hair rather than tie in, which I kind of like. Another awesome thing about cyberlox from Zombie Buddy Productions: if the stitching holding the falls to the clips comes loose, they will repair them for you—free of charge. They are guaranteed for a lifetime (aside from wear and tear damage to the actual falls like fraying at the ends and such.)

I initially purchased them for the No H8 tribute shoot with Random Eye Candy Photography, which took place the week after Katsucon. The lox really popped in the photo, I believe, I was pleased with how well they photograph. The shoot itself was very and the remainder of the time was spent with us just chatting and hanging out. A group of us ended up going out for sushi after the shoot and I decided to keep the lox in… times, I assure you. The stares of some of the customers were classic. Oh, and the sushi was great too. 😛

This past Tuesday, Mindless Self Indulgence came to town, playing at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore; and I decided it was time for my rainbow lox to shine once more. I figured I would be another face in a crowd of hairfalls, but I was surprised to see that hardly anyone was wearing the sort of fare I was wearing. This was unusual to me, because at previous MSI shows I have went to the crowd was a majority of cyber and raver fashion. This time I only saw about 2 or 3 people with hairfalls in aside from myself and those people didn’t have falls like mine either, they had the yarn or ribbon falls. I was quite popular due to my headgear; most people, like my friend Vince, wanted to tug on my springy lox and watch them bounce back into place. I had several people ask me if it was okay to touch my hair, which is the most amusing thing. I had a very interesting run in with two girls by the merch booth that went a little like this:

Girl 1: Can I put my finger in you?

Me: ……What?


Girl 1: Can I put my finger in your hair thingie?

Me:……Um, sure.

The girls proceed to put their fingers into my tube ribbon cyber lox and pull on them lightly, giggling and saying how much it’s like a Chinese finger trap, making me feel more than a little odd for the duration. After a minute of this they decide it’s time to leave me alone, and the first girl turns to me and informs me that I “just got gangbanged.”

Lovely ladies, they were….lol.

The show itself was awesome. Mindless Self Indulgence never fails in that area. MSI actually opened at the very first rock concert I ever went to as a teenager, and I’ll never forget how amazing and different they were from everything else I had been listening to at the time. Jimmy Urine is always so full of energy and I love the way he banters with the crowd. The most interesting thing about MSI shows, to me, is the fans always have a collection of insane random stuff to throw on stage and Jimmy often picks stuff up and wears it or plays with it before tossing it back into the crowd. This is something I have never really seen with other performers that I have noticed is really a MSI show thing.

After the show, Once a good bit of the crowd cleared out and was heading home and the stage people were packing up the equipment, Jimmy actually came out and started signing autographs and hanging with the fans. Lindsey followed, and eventually the whole band was signing autographs, posing for photos with fans and talking with everyone. I met everyone that night, and was lucky enough to snag Lindsey and Kitty for a photo, but I unfortunately missed my chance with Jimmy and Steve. Lindsey and Kitty both complimented me on my cyberlox, and Lindsey (like about half the people I encountered that night) was playfully pulling on my lox and watching them bounce.

Overall, I’m thinking the rainbow cyber lox were a good purchase. No buyer’s remorse here. Want some falls of your own? Check out their website at


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