Highlighter Yellow

            I have said before I like colors in cycles, and I have a new obsession as of late: highlighter yellow. Neons seem to be creeping back into popularity lately and it all started with a purse I saw at Target…and later bought.

            It was the most ridiculously bright yellow thing I had ever seen, and I had to have it. After much deliberation, I eventually caved and bought it, and then realized I had nothing to wear to justify carrying this ridiculously bright ass purse. I eventually found a necklace in Kohl’s which was about the same color; so I had to buy it— just because it was the same ridiculously bright hue of yellow…..then I found some fishnets that were also ridiculously bright highlighter-esque yellow too. And nail polish to match, of course.

            And then on Friday, I finally found a shirt to go with all of my highlighter yellow accessories I have acquired thus far. Oh yeah, I am blindingly sexy in this one. Emphasis on the “blindingly” part.

            The collecting of things in this ridiculous color will continue, mainly because I am for some unknown reason utterly drawn in to items of this insane color, much like a magpie to something shiny. Perhaps when I have enough items of this color I will have a whole photoshoot for my highlighter yellow ensemble.


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