Steam Bunnies, Wonderland, and a Hookah

April is quickly becoming a busy month for me, but as usual I made it to the monthly meet and greet at the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore. Last month was the first time I hadn’t attended one of their meet and greet events, which felt odd. Not attending the M&G last month almost made me feel as if something were missing from my typical routine.   

            The theme this month was “bunnies and bowties”, an interesting mash up of Easter and Playboy sexiness. Although I went through a phase when I was a teenager in which I was obsessed with the playboy bunny logo, I was rather stumped at first for how to dress for this meet and greet and still be me—not a playboy bunny.

            Then Roxana had a great idea: steampunk bunnies.       

            I immediately had a vision in my mind when she mentioned the idea, and I went with it. Luckily, all the clothes I needed were already at my disposal in my wardrobe, but I still needed the crucial element: the bunny part of the bunny outfit. From the moment Roxana mentioned the concept, I knew I wanted to do a mask. I thought of an image I once saw online of a leather bunny mask on a model. I wanted to do something that looked similar, and began my search.

            The search was over rather quick once I reached I stumbled upon a shop there called Non-Decaffeinated Art LLC, and found this mask there, which was PERFECT:

            They do lots of other cool masks too. If you’re interested check out their page here:

            So my steam/masquerade bunny outfit was complete.       

            At the M&G we started out with our “steam bunnies” concept, and got a few fun group shots in studio 7 with George Skepton. Morgan had a cool take on herself as a female Hefner with us bunnies around her which I think turned out really awesome, in addition to a couple shots of us in mannequin-like poses.

            In addition to the actual M&G, a group of us had a side project with Ren in the works which would end up being a closed shoot. We did our own twist on Alice in Wonderland, and I was asked to play the caterpillar. I did the Alice concept once already, playing the title character. (Funny coincidence: that was actually my first studio shoot with Ren.) Though the caterpillar probably would not have been my first choice if I had been able to choose from any of the characters, I grew to embrace the role and had fun with it.

            We tossed around a lot of ideas, but in the end, a lot of my “costume” ended up being from other people. I pretty much showed up, and did my hair and makeup, and posed.      

            It was a phenomenal shoot, and we allowed a few other photographers to shoot it in addition to Ren, with some amazing results. One of my favorites out of what I have seen so far is a solo shot George did after the “tea party” was over.           

            All in all, I believe the shoot was a success. To finish out the day, I headed to Mosaic in College Park to see my friend Nikki Murphy (our Cheshire cat in our Alice shoot) who was headlining in Mosaic’s belly dance show. Keeping with my character of the day, I actually smoked some hookah—cherry rose flavored. I highly recommend it, if you are into smoking shisha.  

            That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with some of the shots I have gotten back so far. As always, more will be available in time on the facebook page:


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