Experiments in Levitation and Motion

Recently, I got with St. Johnn Blondell of SJ Photography and did some experimental shots. He’s working on a series of levitation photos and I thought it would be cool to get in on the action.

Levitation is a difficult concept to capture. A Japanese photographer named Natsumi Hayashi recently made the levitation work popular with her blog in which she tries to capture a different levitation everyday. She has said that she’s had to jump as many as 100 times just to get one photo.

I have to say I admire her persistence.

What we ended up doing wasn’t nearly so strenuous. Basically, St.Johnn did a series of shots and used photoshop to combine them all into one image. For my “levitation” I laid on a stool, and the stool was later shopped out. The concept behind the image was I was a spirit reaching out to a murder victim buried in the woods. It was pretty rad.

The second part of the shoot was long exposure and motion capture. My bunny mask from the last Graffiti Warehouse meet and greet made a comeback, and I danced in the woods with some ribbon. The results were pretty fantastic.

 I have been doing a lot since then, and I’m still sorting through all the photos I’ve gotten back and desperately trying to collect my thoughts enough to figure out how to organize my next blog. As always, look to the facebook page for the latest news and updates, and I’ll have more here soon! 🙂


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