A Busy Day in Ellicott City

As I already said before, April is shaping up to be a busy month and last week was incredibly hectic. One of my craziest days ended up being Thursday, the 19th. I only have myself to blame though. I inadvertently scheduled 2 shoots on that day, not thinking about the consequences of my actions. The first shoot was a calendar shoot for breast cancer awareness which I did with my friend Liz, the second was a night shoot in Ellicott City, something I had been looking forward to doing for a while. Ellicott City has a lot of cool little spots, and I was interested in playing with the environment there.          

            The first shoot was highly chaotic. A lot of things changed at the last minute and improvisation became essential to get it done. We ended up shooting in the woods of Patapsco State Park, near Ellicott City. I haven’t seen the results yet, but I am hoping they turned out well. I liked the outfit I was wearing, especially the corset Liz lent me for the shoot. I liked it so much; I want to get one for myself.

            Once the calendar shoot was over, I got a late lunch and went straight home and started getting ready for the shoot in Ellicott City. Jim O’Connor organized the whole thing and a lot of familiar friends were there. We shot mostly on the street, but Darren OSG and I were lucky enough to grab a few shots in the Forget-Me-Not Factory as well. (I love that store!!!!) I was unsure of my look for this shoot, I really wanted an excuse to wear a blue mini skirt I had recently acquired with my blue pumps and the opportunity was perfect…the look was different than what I guess you could call my typical look. Looking at the pictures makes me feel like it worked out though. Check it out:

            If you would like to see more from this shoot, as always, more will be on the facebook page.

            I ended the day with a chocolate dome cake from Bean Hollow. My birthday is the 20th, which was the following day, so I figured why not? God how I love that place…..and this cake….mmmmmm. lol Happy birthday to me! 🙂



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