Korn live in Silver Spring: an Intimate Affair

Before leaving for Jamaica, I made sure to go see Korn since they were touring through my neck of the woods. As everyone who knows me already knows, I am a huge Korn fan and their most recent album, The Path of Totality, is a CD I have come to love since its release last December. My friend Vince, who is a diehard Korn fan like myself, told me about the show. I was surprised I had not heard much about it before he mentioned it, but I made sure to get tickets right away.

The location of the show was The Filmore in Silver Spring, MD. I had never been to The Filmore and apparently it was a new venue that opened very recently. The Filmore was quite small on the inside, but had 2 levels and the basic small club set up I have seen before. If you have ever been to the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, it was somewhat like that.

To my excitement and utter surprise, Jonathan Davis actually opened to show DJing as his alter-ego JDevil. It was incedible to see him DJing at last. I saw Korn in Atlantic City at the House of Blues last year and he had been slated to DJ the afterparty, but after I heard he cancelled at the last minute I didn’t go, feeling disappointed. So it was cool and unexpected that he was DJing before Korn actually played. J0nathan also seemed much livelier as his alter ego, and it made me happy to see him so energetic. It’s hard to believe that my idol is now over 40 years old, and that Korn is going to be 20 in 2014. It seems like just yesterday I was listening to Life is Peachy and getting accquainted with the band, then buying my copy of Follow the Leader and watching TRL religiously on MTV to be sure that Got the Life and Freak on a Leash got the top spots.

The club was small and the show felt much more intimate. There were a couple of tributes done to the Beastie Boys, in honor of Adam who just happened to have passed away that day, I found out. I was down in the pit and it was pretty chill until Korn took the stage. That’s when it just blew up. The crowd was so packed together, I could barely move. I couldn’t even reach my camera, let alone take pictures, and I quickly gave up on the idea of trying to do so.

I was very interested in how the set would be arranged, since Korn has such a variety of music to pick from these days. To my pleasure and surprise, they started off with a buch of older stuff—some songs I have never heard performed live—off of their first two CDs: the self titled album and Life is Peachy. Then they did a whole set of their new dubstep songs before finishing off with some of their classic hits. My friend Vince (the lucky bastard. 😛 ) managed to get a set list, which he was nice enough to send me a picture of. Check out this lineup:

Overall, the show was incredible, and the crowd was just as crazy as it was 10 years ago. I haven’t seen such a wild crowd in a while at a Korn show, so I definitely think the dubstep fusion was a smart move…..but then I thought that from the first time I heard The Path of Totality. 😛



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