Rammstein: Live in Concert at Last

I go to a lot of concerts…..a lot. Those who have known me long enough probably remember those glory days when I was practically constantly at shows when I was a teenager with a car, and had a surplus of money with hardly any real bills or living expenses to pay. (Oh, those were the days.)

However, in spite of the SEVERAL shows I have been to, there are still a few bands I love who I have never seen live in concert. Until April 25th, Rammstein was on that short list of bands I have not seen in concert.

Rammstein does not play inAmerica too often, and even less in the Baltimore area. The first time I heard they were playing in the area, I could not afford the tickets to the show; and the next time I even heard they were touring inAmerica, the closest the tour came to me wasNew York City. (For those who don’t know, that’s not exactly close—4 hour drive)

When my coworker first told me about the show that was slated for April 25th at the First Mariner Arena (formerly the Baltimore Arena) months ago, I was ecstatic. I had to get tickets. I had to be on the floor, in the middle of the action. I didn’t even care how much it would cost. Who knows when I would get this chance again?

I took note of when the tickets were going on sale and waited until the precise moment on ticketmaster.com that the tickets went on sale. My plan was successful and I got my floor ticket, and did a little happy dance. 😛

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan since the absolute very beginning of Rammstein’s career, but I heard of them around the time of the first Family Values Tour when they played with Korn. Like most people who have actually heard of Rammstein in the USA, the song Du Hast was the single that introduced the band to me. At the time I knew no German, but the music sounded good so I got hooked. I later did what most US Rammstein fans do and tried to learn some German…my efforts were short lived once I decided on a degree in Japanese though, and I can comfortably say that the most German I have learned was Rammstein songs. Lol

I was anxious to see who would be opening for Rammstein, but it turned out that there really wasn’t an “opening act”. There was something that was essentially like a dubstep remixing of a selection of Rammstein songs, and then the actual show began.

From the little bit I have seen of Rammstein playing live on the Family Values tour DVD and what I have heard from friends who have actually seen them in concert, I knew that this show would be both insane and incredible. Right I was. First of all, the band did not take the stage in typical fashion at all, oh no. They came through the audience and on a raised platform with a staircase at the end that connected to the stage. Much to my own delight, when the members of the band made their stride across the platform to the stage, one of them actually carried the Maryland flag.

They started off with Sonne, one of my favorite songs, and it was just one awesome song after another. They certainly had enough fire to back up the statement “Hier kommt die Sonne”. The pyrotechnics throughout the entire show were INCREDIBLE. I was especially awed by the wings singer Till Lindemann donned for a later part of the show during Engel.

I have to note how impressed I was with the general attitude of the crowd attending the show. Everyone around me was quite courteous to the other people around them, and more than once I had someone allow me in front of them so I could see the stage better. In fact, by the end of the show, I got pretty close to the front row. It was also clear who the greatest fans in the audience were. Of course, everyone in that entire place sang along to Du Hast, but it was interesting to hear people singing along in German to the more obscure songs that not everyone knew.

I also liked the way the band didn’t play on the stage for the entire show. They came onto the stage through the audience, and for Buck Dich, the band returned to the platform they started at from the beginning of the show and played a few songs there before returning to the stage.

Rammstein certainly brings a lot of pomp and circumstance to the table. In addition to the plethora of fire and explosions and the cool stage set ups, they also showered the audience with a mixture of blue, silver, and red confetti during Amerika. But more importantly: no Rammstein show would be complete without some sort of phallic display (as I have heard) and they lived up to their reputation with what I call a “penis cannon” which they brought out for the song Pussy, and for the climax of the song (heh heh, “climax”. Giggity. :P) they fired soap suds all over the audience which was supposed to look like….well, exactly what it looked like.

So by the end of the show, I left sweaty, tired, covered in a mixture of confetti and soap sud “ejaculate”. I think it was a great show, and I certainly was not disappointed.

I could not bring in my camera to the show, but I managed to get a few decent photos with my iPhone which I can share with you all. Enjoy!


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  1. saw then in the twin cities lastnight great show. there europe shows are better but they were great lastnight to

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