A Day Full of Firsts

           My apologies everyone; I have been on a business trip for my job, so I have been unavailable when it comes to blogging, but I am happy to say that I am back and ready to continue work as usual here. 😛

            The last Saturday in May was an interesting day full of firsts for me: My first latex shoot and my very first body paint shoot. Both shoots were interesting new challenges for me, especially being back to back.

            I started off the day at Graffiti Warehouse. Some of my readers have been to the Warehouse and know about its complete lack of climate control, but for those of you who do not know: the Graffiti Warehouse studio has limited heat and no AC. Basically; it’s a freezer in the winter (unless you happen to be shooting in the few heated areas that exist in the building) and a sauna in the summer. It was a hot day that day, and latex is not exactly a material that breathes…All of the models were sweating profusely. And when I say “sweating profusely” I mean we had a constant stream of sweat running down our legs, among other areas.

            Sexy, I know. Women go through so much just to look pretty.

            I have always wanted to shoot in a latex outfit, the slick and shiny look of it always appealed to me, so when Gail Kilker of Kilker Photography informed me she was holding a workshop with lots of latex by Scarlet Bliss available, I jumped at the chance. What I never realized about latex was just how complicated it is to put on. To put on latex, you must first lube the material up in order to get that shiny look and make the material loosen up enough to put the outfit on. I am convinced that there is no way a person can get into a latex outfit without help; I know I certainly could not do it. Another thing about wearing latex: you cannot wear any underwear with it— if you do it will just get drenched in lube and due to the form fitting nature of the material, every single line will be visible.

            I was thanking the heavens that the photographer of this shoot was a female; I know I would have not wanted some random guy to do the deeds necessary to get into that ensemble…. And if you don’t understand what I mean, I’ll simplify it for you: Gail Kilker is now among the elite group of people to see me naked. Lol

            A lot of maneuvering is also necessary to get the latex to lie correctly on the body, as well, but once I finally got into the dress I have to say it looked hot despite how uncomfortable it could get. My friend Kyle described wearing latex as “wearing a giant condom” and that’s about what it feels like based on the material and the lube-residue that got all over my skin. Gail did some shots with me I am really looking forward to seeing because she does amazing work; and I also did a few shots with the photographers there for her workshop. I was very happy that I seemed to impress Gail’s assistant Anna, who said I “wasn’t a novice” and also gushed that she had to shoot with me again so she could do my makeup. I certainly hope I do get to shoot with them again, hopefully in a slightly cooler environment.

            It was very exciting to see all the different latex ensembles there by Scarlet Bliss. The dress I liked most was (unfortunately) made for someone with much smaller curves than me, I would certainly love to wear some of her creations for another shoot if I ever got another chance.

            At 4pm I headed to Ren’s new studio at Clipper Mill in order to meet her and a few others for what we deemed our “model caravan” up to PA for the body paint shoot we had lined up with Erica Fisher, who goes by The Painted Lady on facebook. The theme for our shoot was the circus, and we each had a role to play. One girl was a fortune teller, another was a show girl, Jenny was the ring leader, and Roxana Hire and I were both animals. Roxana was a zebra, and put together a really awesome ensemble for it. I was a lion, and I made a pretty cool neck corset to wear as my mane. (Hopefully I’ll be able to do a blog entry on that soon to show you what went into the project.)           

            Body paint is the most interesting experience, in my opinion. Mine probably took the longest, and I was painted almost from head to foot. Standing still for that long can be excruciating, especially because you have to remember to not touch yourself while the paint is wet. This takes a lot of restraint; at one point I had to keep my hands on my head for about a solid 15 minutes because I was afraid I’d smudge the paint. The only actual clothing I had on was my panties, aside from my shoes and neck corset. It was very odd experience. The best way for me to describe it is like being naked, but yet not naked. It’s something like being in the Garden of Eden and there is no shame. It’s true, not much is left to the imagination with body paint, but it feels very liberating at the same time. Everyone looked amazing, and though I haven’t seen the finished photos from Ren yet, I’m sure they will look great.

            After the shoot we were rewarded with beer and crabs—-Erica certainly knows how to make us Marylanders feel welcome. All in all, it was an excellent day.

            Photos will be making their way to my fan page, in time. In the meantime, I suggest checking out the pages of all the wonderful people I got to work with:

Kilker Photography: www.kilkerphoto.com

Random Eye Candy Photography: www.randomeyecandy.com

The Painted Lady: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Painted-Lady/462991257060568

            Until next time….. 🙂


4 responses to “A Day Full of Firsts

    • Me too! I’ve seen a few so far from other photographers at the workshop, and they look great. I’m really anxious to see Gail’s shots—I love her work. 🙂

  1. Kelley – so good to read your behind-the-scene insights. I knew latex looks amazing but I had no idea of the challenges of getting into it. The shots I’ve seen of you – so dreamy – not only of your style, but also the expression on your face. All your blog entries about what you do taken together are already enough for a book, especially if you include photos.

    • Thank you Ken! I would love to actually write a book one of these days. I have been working on a novel for several years now that I hope to publish someday soon, but the idea of turning something like this into a book boggles me. The world really is changing…..years ago, I’m sure no one would think of this sort of thing as “book material”.

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