Next on the List to Kill You: Your Purse


            Apparently our purses are the latest in a slew of things waiting to kill us, in addition to the approaching zombie apocalypse brought on by bath salts. As I walked into the office today, one of my coworkers rushed over and informed me that my coveted highlighter yellow purse may contain lead, according to the latest news.

            My highlighter purse—a killer in disguise? I refused to believe.

            I looked up the news myself and though I don’t believe my particular purse is on the list of those who are suspect; apparently a consumer test revealed that many purses out there of the brighter color varieties (mostly yellow, from what I have seen) have lead in them.

From what I have been reading of this situation online, many stores have pledged to work to phase out accessories containing lead, but Walmart has refused to settle and has even turned over their suppliers rather than join in the effort.


            Why is this so bad? I must admit that I honestly think I am at no sort of threat even if my purse were tainted—-it’s not like I lick my purse on a daily basis. The lead is a concern for children though, of course, who like to put anything they can get a hold of in their mouths, as well as mothers and women who are constantly in contact with small children. Lead, as many of us have heard, can cause learning disabilities in children and can also have awful side effects on pregnant women and their unborn child.

            Most articles I have read recommend sticking to leather or canvas bags rather than vinyl. It sounds smart, but not everyone will do it, let’s face it. I have to admit I’m not throwing away my highlighter yellow purse just yet, but I will certainly be more cautious. I think the cheapest stores (cough cough, Walmart, cough cough) are certainly on the list for the places to watch out for.

            For more information, check out this blog from ABC News on some of the worst offenders here and for the full CEH report, click here.


One response to “Next on the List to Kill You: Your Purse

  1. Guess I’m lucky I hate vinyl and only buy leather or cloth. 😦 Good to know!! I hadn’t heard about this. It really does not surprise me at all that Walmart are being douches. That is typical of them. I wish they’d never existed, frankly. Walmart is evil.

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