Behind the Nail Junkie Shoot

            My best friend and I go out on a lot of random late night shopping trips and random drugstore excursions. During these, we almost always inevitably fall into the trap that is the makeup aisle, and I seem to always end up with a minimum of 2 new shades of nail polish.

            Needless to say, I have quite the collection built up.

            One night, she said to me that I was like a “polish addict” which we laughed about and made some jokes over, but the phrase got me thinking: that would be one hell of a concept shoot.

            I had been talking to Mark Zimin, who I did my Hell Girl cosplay shoot with, about doing another shoot for a while. I told him about this idea and he was willing to work with me on it, so one random day in April, he came over to my house, set up some lights while I pulled out a ton of nail polish (sadly, what we used isn’t even half of all that I have, lol) and we played with the idea. It was a simple idea, we didn’t need a elaborate backdrop, so we just shot in the living room of my house. We didn’t shoot very long, but I feel like we captured what I was going for, for the most part.

            I realized today that I never really blogged on this shoot and the thoughts behind it, so I wanted to do a little writing on it. I was actually aiming to have this photo set featured in a magazine, but it was rejected, which disappointed me greatly. You may remember my random thought entry on rejection….that was what brought  it on. I was really proud of these shots and thought them to be interesting and creative, but apparently they didn’t fit what that magazine saw to be interesting and creative. Some time has passed since these images were shot and I have to say I still feel that way, so I wanted to share them with you all, and I welcome your thoughts.

            As for the polish…..I am still in need of rehabilitation.

            To view the full set, go to the gallery on my facebook fan page.


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