Forward, Not Backward and Always Twirling Towards the Future

   It’s been hectic over here lately and a lot has been going on to say the least. Some of you may have heard of a little group I’m in called MAIM (Maryland Artists in Motion). We have been working on a lot lately, most of all defining what we are about and what our mission is. Our first gallery show opened on July 5th with our Seven Deadly Sins steampunk style photos; in which I played envy along with Raye La Lune, which I mentioned in a previous entry. The pictures themselves looked incredible. Between all of us who modeled in the shoot, to those who did hair and makeup, to our wonderful photographer Ren Garczynski (random eye candy photography), to the absolutely amazing editing talents of our own Orla Rose; everything really came together. For those interested, our work can still be viewed at Mount Gallery on 218 West Saratoga Street in Baltimore until July 29th, and I welcome you to check it out.

     MAIM also had its first open house shoot with Ren at her new studio in Clipper Mill back on June 10th. It was a small and friendly gathering, and we all got to know each other and talk about what got us into the scene respectively. We dressed in a Burlesque theme and did some pictures—as per the usual. It was great fun. 🙂

    In addition to all the happenings with MAIM, I also started writing for a magazine called Digital Infusion by my friend Jason McNeil. The premier issue just came out, which you can get here, and in addition to my article I also make a cameo in a photo for an interview with Ren which features the MAIM crew. I am happy to say I also submitted an article to appear in the next issue as well, so this may be a regular thing for Kelley Nymph. 🙂

   I am hoping for great things for MAIM, not necessarily anything that promises fame and fortune, but definitely the opportunity to explore our creativity. What I truly love about our group is the welcoming and collaborative vibe that radiates with everyone in the group. I’m hoping this trend is one that will live on, no matter what challenges arise.

   Though I have been doing a lot with MAIM lately, I am still doing a lot on my own as well, and just had a weekend full of photoshoots! I am eager to show everyone what I’ve been up to and what I have coming up— and I promise I will find the time to blog it all, so help me…. ;P

    Until next time, my lovelies.


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