Welcome to the Circus

   On May 26th, Erica Fisher (The Painted Lady) commissioned Ren (Random Eye Candy Photography) to do a shoot a circus themed bodypaint shoot. This was the first time I have ever done bodypaint, as I mentioned in a previous entry and I was very excited about the whole thing. We had a fantastic shoot and I couldn’t wait to see the photos. After Ren worked her magic, she posted them to facebook.

   But I never saw them on facebook.

   You see, a horrible thing happened. As soon as Ren posted our hard work onto the interwebs, some prudish jerk took it upon themselves to flag her photos as inappropriate and have them removed, even though the photos are not offensive and you cannot see any nudity. Sure, it’s bodypaint and not clothing, but it still covers everything that needed to be covered. This isn’t the first time this has happened either; another bodypaint shoot Ren did with some other models was taken down as well, which I find utterly outrageous. Ren was forced to publish her work on her tumblr in order to avoid getting her photos removed and being banned from facebook. Thanks to this unfortunate event, I am now afraid to post my own work to my facebook page as well, and will be posting the photos here instead to be viewed. I hope to work with Erica again soon, the bodypaint was really exciting! I hope you enjoy the set.


One response to “Welcome to the Circus

  1. Well the person who reported this is an idiot. This is amazing work. I am very impressed with this. I would love to see more of these pictures. The Painted Lady did a fabolous job and you guys look great!

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