Yarr Matey! September 19th Be Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

     In case you didn’t know….
     Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19th. It is an ancient holiday that started back in the prehistoric year of 1995 when cassettes were still available in music stores and tye-dye shirts were still cool. I have heard of it for a while now, but never bothered to look into this little “holiday”. Apparently, there is a whole wikipedia article on how the whole thing started. I always figured that it had something to do with the Renaissance Festival season, which is also around this time of year, but apparently this is all something that some random guy made up on the fly…..Who would have thought?
     Want to celebrate? It’s easy, just talk like a pirate on September the 19th and confuse all who enter your path. I plan to switch my facebook over to pirate for the day as well—-it’s always fun to do. Want to try it out? It’s simple. Sign into your profile, go to Account Settings, then in the language drop down menu on the General Account Settings page, select English(Pirate). It will be the nerdiest fun you have ever had.
      Plan on going out for piratey fun? If you hail from Maryland as I do, you have 2 options for pirate revelry. There’s Mutiny in Glen Burnie for those of you near my neck of the woods, and then there is Piratz Tavern  in Silver Spring for those of you closer to the DC area. Both are pretty awesome, with excellent grog for you and your wenches! 😛
      Need help talking like a pirate? The official website offers some great help here. My favorite section has to be the pick up lines. Here’s some awesome pick up lines from the official website:

Avast me proud beauty! Want to know why my Roger is so jolly?

 I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.

You’re drinking a Salty Dog? How’d you like to try the real thing?

Wanna shiver me timbers?

That’s the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Let’s get together and haul some keel.

    I, of course, welcome my readers to come up with their own lines. I’ll be eyeing the exceptional ones with pleasure. 😉


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