Publications, Publications, Publications

A model’s goal is always to be published, hands down. For a while it seemed that I was really in a lull when it came to publishing, and I couldn’t get in any sort of magazine aside for Digital Infusion, which I write for on the regular so I tend not to count it…..

Then October rolled around, and all that changed.

I don’t know if it’s simply the amazing people I just happened to work with over the months, or if I just got lucky, but once October hit, it seemed like there was just an explosion of published work that I was apart of. Ironically, this all seemed to happen as I was working my hardest at my actual day job and was in the middle of a haitus from modeling.

My biggest achievement was having shots from the Little Girl Lost set with Jim O’Connor featured in the Halloween issue of Dark Beauty Magazine. Sure, it was only two pages, but it was two pages in what is considered a major publication in the alternative scene, so I couldn’t even believe it. I’m hoping to make it into DB again…..hopefully for more than two pages next time. 😉

Second was another feature I can thank Jim for, a spot in Kultur magazine. Three pictures this time, one being a full page spread, were all me.

Then Erica Fisher, who I have mentioned often in reference to my body paint work, got a spread in Mashings Magazine. Again, more awesomeness. What’s more, I hear from Erica that the whole MAIM group is also getting a feature/shout out in the December issue of Essere….a magazine I have wanted to be in for some time.

Orla Rose also decided to make the MAIM 7 Deadly Sins/7 Heavenly Virtues project available as a calendar now, for those who missed out on our gallery showing. You can buy it on etsy here.

I honestly don’t know how this happened. I guess these things come in waves.

But I won’t stop here. I have more goals. I aim to be part of  SykoMindz Entertainment’s publication in someway once they get established and work with them more, and I also am hoping to one day get into the pages of Gothic Beauty, Gothic Noir, Retro Lovely, and Auxiliary magazines to name just a few.

And at some point……maybe a cover? An interview?

All I can do is hope at this point, but it’s always worth a shot.


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