Colored Mascara Revival?

colored mascara. Image found on google

My friends all know that I am OBSESSED with false lashes, but before the days of falsies, I was an avid collector of colored mascara which I wore pretty much all the time through high school. I used to have all sorts of funky colors, but a lot of them got too old and dried up, forcing me to have to throw them away. This made me quite sad because I just couldn’t find anything like those funky colors I used to wear anymore. The colored mascara trend seemed to die out once I graduated high school. Aside from black, blue, brown, and (if you were lucky) purple, there were no other colors of mascara to be found in most makeup aisles and shops.

But then I went to Five Below and saw this:

neon mascara!!!!!

Neon mascara? Oh man, now this is the shizz. I would have probably worn this everyday in high school. I know some of you makeup snobs will say, “Ew, Five Below! I only shop at M.A.C./Sephora….” Sure, this may not be a top name brand makeup, but to be honest I use a LOT of makeup on the regular which is not a premium brand, and some of those cheap ones actually work really well. I think this is a topic I may revisit later on, but in regards to this particular mascara, I find that it goes on very easily and I have had no issues during my experimentation. Plus, you can get the set of four for only $5.00, and you can’t beat that.

Colored mascara is no where near as vibrant as getting a pair of colored falsies, but it is fun for a little burst of color. I’m all for a colored mascara revival. What colors would you wear?


One response to “Colored Mascara Revival?

  1. I ❤ colored mascara! And there's a Five Below right by our house. Guess where I'm going this weekend? LOL

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