Critter socks—My Newest Love

           Those who know me best already know this, but I’ll just reiterate here for those who don’t know: I have a serious obsession with socks and stockings. When I was a teenager I went through a phase in which I had to own a pair of fishnets in every color on the planet. Even once I somewhat accomplished this goal, my desire for socks and stockings never really went away, especially since socks and stockings have made such a huge comeback in fashion over the last 10 years. There are so many awesome patterns and designs to choose from in a rainbow of colors, and what’s even better: when you combine socks or stockings with an outfit, the possibilities are infinite.

            But I digress.

            My latest sock obsession has been brought on by Target, of all places. What is the latest obsession? Cute critter socks.

            It all started when I was in Target a few months ago, looking for some plain tights for work, because I had ripped my last plain black pair to the point where there was no hiding the tear. I was browsing the tights, and happened to look over and see these navy blue socks with turquoise squirrels on them:

squirrel socks!!!!

            I was going through a blue phase at the time, so I was instantly drawn to the color. Plus, they were so unusual. Squirrels, I thought, why squirrels? So of course, I had to get them. I love things that are utterly random and make no sense, like the chicken fights on Family Guy, or turquoise squirrels on socks.

            For a long time, I had no time to go shopping thanks to my busy schedule at work, so I didn’t see anything else quite like this. But then, I went back to Target about week or two ago to get a card and pick up some other random things and I saw these:

More cute socks!!!!

            Hedgehogs? Neon pink and orange foxes? So random, unusual, and utterly adorable.

            I’m sure you know what happened next.

            Target, you’ve started something, and I’m telling you one thing: I’m on to you….

            But these little hedgehog socks sure are adorable.

            (No regrets.)


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