Behind the Scenes: MAIM Seven Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues Steampunk Shoot

I’ve been meaning to write this blog forever, but (as usual) life and other things just got in the way. But anywho…..Back in March, the Maryland Artists in Motion (MAIM, we have acronymed ourselves) got together and embarked on our first major project: the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues portrayed in steampunk fashion. At the time, we hadn’t even applied a name to ourselves and our cause; we were just friends getting together with a really kickass idea. The idea eventually became our first gallery showcase which opened in July at Mount Gallery in Baltimore. You may recall the flyer (also by Ms. Orla Rose) I had posted on my facebook page publicizing the event:

MAIM gallery show flyer

MAIM gallery show flyer

A lot of work went into this whole shoot and everyone really pulled together to make something amazing. The amount of shots needed was so extensive we actually had to split the studio time into two separate days in order to shoot everything we needed. We originally planned just the sins, but then the idea of doing the counterpart virtues was introduced, and then it developed into the idea of having the female models as the sins and the male models as the virtues.

We debated over who would be which sin for a while. It seemed like everyone wanted to be lust (and who wouldn’t, that’s one of the most fun ones!) but in the end, Isis Biehl got the honor. I was torn between several sins personally: I had wardrobe I could use for lust, pride, greed, and envy. In the end I settled on envy, which I ended up portraying with Raye LaLune….which looked awesome, IMO.

Envy, by MAIM.Photography by Random Eye Candy Photography. Editing by Orla Rose. Models: Kelley Nymph&Raye LaLune.

Envy, by MAIM.
Photography by Random Eye Candy Photography. Editing by Orla Rose. Models: Kelley Nymph&Raye LaLune.

I provided most of the ensemble for my own envy portrayal, except for the bustle corset that I borrowed from one of the girls. (I still want that corset, btw, it looks amazing!) Roxana Hire and Orla Rose did a bit of a team effort for my hair, and Roxana did my makeup. I personally think that she did a phenomenal job. My earrings and necklace were pieces I had purchased from Eternal Autumn Jewelry a while ago; I especially love those dangly earrings with the gears! ^_^

The first stage of the shoot was for Ren to shoot everyone individually against a plain background, and that was what we did during our time in the studio. Then all the images went to Orla for her to work her magic. You see, that awesome background was edited in. That group picture? That was a lot of tedious editing to edit multiple photos together to become one picture. Orla even made up a few shots to show some of the process:

Behind the Scenes flyer Lust&Chastity before and after The Heavenly Virtues Before&After Sins Before&After

As you can see, it was a bit of a process, and Orla did an amazing job putting it all together. The photos were a hit at the gallery and she now has a calendar available with the series.

If you aren’t already, I encourage you to become a fan of the Maryland Artists in Motion on Facebook. We have a lot of ideas and are working hard to create even more cool stuff for the future.


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