2012 In Review: A Look at the Past Year with Kelley Nymph

Another year has come and gone and I find myself once again looking back on all I have done over the past year. A lot of changes came to pass, both in my personal life and in modeling. I am now writing regularly for a magazine (Digital Infusion) in addition to my blog. I also joined up with some other area models and became part of the group known as MAIM, short for Maryland Artists in Motion. This fall I was published in a number of magazines and I am aiming to keep going.

As I did last year, I looked over my work from 2012 and put together my ten photos of the year. As before, I will list and discuss each of them in the order of when they were shot. These works made the list because they stood out in my portfolio, broadened my repertoire as a model, or were just plain awesome in whatever way. 🙂

First up is one of my favorites, the dungeon shoot with Jim O’Connor. I went a little dom for this shoot, something not typical of me. As much as I love whips and chains I usually don’t play the take charge role. This look was a little more risqué than usual, but I really enjoyed it. It was a really fun shoot and I personally loved my eye makeup from that day.

Second was a shoot I was very proud to be a part of. Ren (Random Eye Candy Photography) got a couple people together and we all did a tribute to the NoH8 Campaign, which is a silent protest against Proposition 8 involving photos of people with their mouths covered by duct tape, usually wearing white, with the NoH8 logo painted on their faces. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, you can learn more about it on their page here. I wanted to show my support for equality, so I got my rainbow hairfalls and decided to join in the cause. Fun fact: This past election, the civil marriage act was approved and same sex marriage was made legal in the state of Maryland, so 2012 was a win for equality in my home state.

Next is my favorite shot from the Extreme Beauty photo event “Extreme Beauty Does Burlesque” which I went to in Pennsylvania. This photo is by Jason Mahaffey, of JM Photography. Jason and I don’t get to work together very often, due to the distance, but we both happened to be at this event and the set I did with him that day was by far my favorite work from that day. I had never attempted the burlesque look before, so this was another big step for me. I personally love the use of shadow in this photo, which made the image so much more alluring and exciting—-just like the tease burlesque is supposed to be.

I felt like I couldn’t NOT include this next image, simply because so much happened thanks to this shoot. The photo I am talking about is the portrayal of envy that Raye LaLune and I did shot by Random Eye Candy Photography and edited by Orla Rose. This photo shoot was incredible, and it was essentially the thing that started MAIM, so I felt like it had to make an appearance here. It’s hard to find good people you can really work with and rely on and even harder to find good friends. In MAIM I found both and as sappy as this is going to sound, I am so happy these ladies gave me this wonderful excuse to work with them and get to know them all a little better. 🙂

I had been trying to do a geisha shoot for a long time, and it always fell through, so in the end I ended up doing a set in a long white dress with George Skepton which this next photo is from. I typically don’t do white very often, but this set turned out well, and George is simply amazing at what he does. Within the set the mood was so varied, from elegance in springtime, to an almost haunting ghost look, it was amazing to see the variance between photos.

This next photo was from a set I did with Mark Zimin based on a concept I had wanted to do with nail polish. I initially did it as a submission for a magazine, but the photos ended up not being used. Even so, I thought it was a cool idea and I still get many compliments on the set. This shoot taught me a lot about dealing with rejection which was valuable for me. It was also fun to break out of the box a bit and work on my own concept.

Up next is a shot from a set I did with Gail Kilker of Kilker Photography which marked many firsts for me. It was my first shoot in latex and it was also the result of a workshop I paid to join in. This photo turned out amazing and it is probably one of the most complimented pieces of work in my port from this year. An important lesson I learned from doing this shoot was that models should never feel that they are so entitled that they feel they shouldn’t have to pay. Sometimes, to get high quality work you will have to put your own money in. I paid to be a part of this workshop and it was totally worth it: the wardrobe was provided, a professional MUA did my makeup, and the photo is simply gorgeous.

Little Girl Lost was probably one of my most popular shoots of 2012. When Jim first came to me with the idea, I loved it and I knew I could pull it off. The shoot itself was relatively simple; I wore an old night gown, used minimal makeup and basically channeled the creepiness looks of Samara from The Ring and posed in a decaying building. These photos were published in many places and Jim and I got a lot of praise for our work. Looking scary, rather than looking beautiful was also an interesting change of pace as well which made this whole project really stand out.

This next photo was from a shoot that was organized by Shelley Shearer using a lyra hoop in a studio. Working with the lyra hoop was a new and interesting experience for me and required a lot of balance and effort. The photos turned out amazing, and I felt very lucky to be able to add something so different to my portfolio. I also had a great appreciation for performers who worked with these hoops after this shoot as well, and how difficult it much be to master the art of performing in a hoop suspended in the air.

Finally, this last photo is from a set I did with Erica Fisher; the photo was photographed by Katie Potter. 2012 was the beginning of body paint for me, starting with the circus photo shoot we did in May, then continuing with this shoot in which I was a witch, and finally we collaborated again at the Burlesque, Belly dancing and Body Painting event with MAIM at The Crazy Russian. Body paint was very liberating for me and was certainly something I probably would not have attempted to so the previous year. In meeting Erica and doing these shoots with her, I definitely expanded my repertoire with this new art and I am glad I gave it a shot. I am also making a list of future body paint concepts, and I look forward to doing more with Erica and possibly with other body painters in the area.

So there you have it, the top 10 of 2012. Here’s hoping 2013 only brings more amazing work! 🙂



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