The Future of Men’s Fashion is an Apocalyptic Disaster

I was browsing the modeling forums today and saw an article someone shared regarding some absolutely insane men’s wardrobe that premiered on the runway this week. Usually I’m all for avant-garde, but these ensembles are nothing short of hideous. From the rubber sissy dresses, to the ridiculous poofy knit sweaters and gloves, to the horrendous makeup featuring fake drawn on moustaches–none of these fashions seemed like a good idea. This was only compounded by the expressionless dead inside looking models who were wearing the monstrosities. The piece on Yahoo Shine that showcased this nightmare hit the nail on the head with this assessment: “…it was a harbinger of a fashion apocalypse. Wooden face barricades, toxic waste jumpsuits, and strapless dresses worn by dour male pixies.”

Yep, sounds about right. You can see it for yourself here.

The only one that looked even halfway decent was the hoodie by Vivienne Westwood in the sixth image, and even that got ruined by the model’s horrendous makeup.

The thing I least understand is this trend of making men look like women. I understand that it can be hard to think of new things for men wardrobe-wise, but going this route is not the answer. Honestly, it’s insulting to the men, I think. These fashions are not flattering, and most of them are very emasculating. Men’s fashion has always been relatively simple, and all the “bells and whistles” so to speak are not required– at least not in my opinion. I always thought the runway was supposed to dazzle and create new trends, not make us fear the future. Trust me, these fashions will make you very VERY afraid.

And should you have any doubts, I believe this picture says it all:

Yes, I think this was the message of the whole men's portion of the show.

Yes, I think this was the message of the whole men’s portion of the show.

Yeah buddy, I think I’d feel the same if I were you.


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