Would You Shoot In Antarctica?

I’m not typically one of those people who reads Sports Illustrated, or pays attention to the swimsuit issue for that matter, but when my boyfriend handed me this year’s swimsuit edition and asked me if I wanted to look at it, I was glad I took the time to flip through its pages. The whole issue was interesting to me, as a model. In honor of their 50th anniversary, the theme was “Wonders of the World” and the issue was comprised of swimsuit photos all over the world. One of the features I really liked was one that replicated older covers of SI Swimsuit issue in bodypaint….

But that’s not the reason why I am writing this blog.

The feature that truly grabbed my attention was the photo shoot with Kate Upton in swim wear…..in Antarctica.

How many models have a shot like this in their port?

How many models have a shot like this in their port?

When I first looked at the photos, I refused to believe it was truly an on location shoot, but then I read the article accompanying the photos and was forced to face the truth.

How could someone pose in Antarctica in a swim suit? A place where even the warmest temperatures, the “summer” temperatures, are only 20 degrees Fahrenheit?  The article makes light of the issue, making only slight (almost comical) references to Kate being cold and mainly discussing how Antarctica has had so very few women grace its shores. I couldn’t get past the cold factor, though. I’ve done shoots outside in the winter, and they usually are not the most pleasant experience when in skimpy clothes. It’s more of a “Hurry up and take pictures so I can throw clothes back on and try to get warm again” sort of feeling. I couldn’t fathom how awful it must have been to pose in a bikini in Antarctica…..in December.

For a moment, I’ll confess it, I was in awe to the point that it was on the verge of jealousy. I wished I could have done something so cool—I mean think about it, how many models can say that they posed in Antarctica? Hell, how many people can say they have been to Antarctica? It is an amazing and unique opportunity that not many people can boast about on their resume.

But then I read this article and this article which told me more of what I wanted to actually know.

Kate Upton nearly died from this shoot. Due to the intense cold, her body shut down, as she explained on Today, “When I came back I was losing hearing and eyesight because my body was shutting down, it was working so hard to keep warm.”


The first article makes it seem like the editors of the magazine are out to kill the poor model, and that she’s an idiot for doing a shoot like this, but I ask you this: can you blame her for taking the gig? Like I said before, how many women can say they’ve been to Antarctica? Not many. How many can say they have posed in a bikini there for a major publication? Just Kate Upton.

I wouldn’t have had the balls to do it, and I can’t say I know many people who would have.

Bravo to you, Kate. Considering you are a model from Florida, and have probably never even experienced a real winter, I am truly impressed with your work. Also, I have to admit…..those pictures are incredible.

You can check out the images from Kate’s history making photo shoot here, and be the judge: would you have done it? Would you have wanted to?


4 responses to “Would You Shoot In Antarctica?

  1. Kudos to her for being a true model and doing her best to make the photographer’s vision a reality. From a photographer’s standpoint, however, I’ll have to say that skimpy clothing, like bathing suits, in a winter/cold setting is honestly the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen. I just think it’s tacky and overdone and the shock value of “omg what a crazy juxtaposition” just isn’t…well…shocking anymore. I’ve started hiding all photographer’s on my newsfeed who feel the need to make their models suffer in the cold. It’s just not fun for anyone.

    • It is true that shooting in the cold is AWFUL. I hate it. Whenever I shoot in the winter and it’s actually outside, I try not to be out there long. I couldn’t believe anyone could stand being in temperatures that low in a bikini. The juxtaposition is a really cool thing to see artistically, but in her case she nearly died. The aesthetic was really cool, but is it worth risking your health?

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