Katsucon 2013: Good Times, with a Pinch of Drama

As I mentioned before, I had been gearing up for Katsucon 2013, and had a special cosplay planned….but then one of the supplies I ordered in order to finish my outfit did not arrive in time for the con.

Of course it arrived the following Tuesday, once the convention was already over…. T_T*

But never mind that.

Since I didn’t have my entire cosplay ready to go, I opted to go to the con in plain clothes. I have to say that it was mighty relaxing to be able to bum around in a t-shirt, skirt, and flats for a good chunk of the day. I made my usual stops….the dealer’s room, the artist alley, and I even visited a couple panels just to check them out.

I found this really amazing booth in the artist’s alley that sold really nifty steampunk accessories. I couldn’t help myself; I ended up buying this ring and a really awesome looking hair comb…they will most likely surface in a shoot soon, lol. The seller has an etsy store as well, which you can find here.

An excellent addition to a steampunk wardrobe.

An excellent addition to a steampunk wardrobe.

I dropped by my friend Michelle’s booth, and realized that her Atelier Enchanteur line that I had worked with before had been renamed as Belladonna, to reflect changes in business partnership. She and her friend Rachel are now running the show together and by the look of their work I can only say that this is a promise of something amazing to come.

Things like this dress, which I told Rachel and Michelle they need to make more of so that I can have one. :P

Things like this dress, which I told Rachel and Michelle they need to make more of so that I can have one. 😛

I was amused to see that one of the pictures from our shoot last spring was in the portfolio book at the Belladonna booth. I have to say it was quite cool to see myself in her advertising. ^_^

It's me and Rachel! Yayyyy! :)

It’s me and Rachel! Yayyyy! 🙂

I participated in the Lolita fashion show wearing a dress Michelle designed, the same dress from our previous shoot last year. I haven’t really found any photos yet, but I did manage to stumble upon this youtube video of the show, which was nifty.

To add to my numerous fails of the day, my camera battery also died, so I only took a few choice photos on my iPhone. I never seem to take many photos at Katsucon…..usually I save all my photo-taking energy for Otakon, I have noticed. 😛 Here’s a few random photos from the day…

Michelle at her booth Rachel and I before the fashion show Michelle and I after the show. The most awesome Finding Nemo cosplay ever.

The show was really fun and I had a good time with my friends, but there was some unpleasantness in the con, I hate to admit. The Gaylord Hotel was hosting another convention on the same weekend as Katsucon: the BBYO (or B’nai B’rith Youth Organization), a Jewish organization of some sort. If you have been on the Katsucon forums, or were at the con, I can assure you heard some of the issues that occurred due to the clashing of these two groups. I can personally say that I saw some attendees from this other con act inappropriately towards Katsucon goers….but at the same time I saw some inappropriate responses from Katsucon members. It seemed like the idea was to combat hate with more hate, and I did not approve. Though I heard a lot of bad stories about the BBYO, I refuse to blame the whole group for the actions of a few ill mannered people. At the same time, I do not appreciate the way those bad apples treated my fellow con goers in cosplay.

We each came to our own respective cons to have a good weekend around other people like ourselves…not to tear others down. A lot of petty arguments were started over trivial things, and some people just behaved or responded poorly. Katsucon addresses the issues on their website, and has encouraged Katsucon goers to speak out on their facebook page. However, I have seen no sort of response from the BBYO on their pages (Yes, I did look) and I have heard from others that their comments on the situation were deleted when they tried to post on the BBYO’s facebook.

Can’t we all just say we are sorry and get along?

I can only hope that next year isn’t nearly as crazy.

To sum it up, aside from the drama at the con, and not having my cosplay done in time, I had a good time. The fashion show was awesome and I really hope to stumble on some photos soon! 🙂 And next time…..I’ll have that cosplay ready.


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