Bunnies and Exploring Downtown Frederick, Maryland

Today was a hell of a day. I ventured out to Frederick for a shoot organized primarily by Shelley Shearer and Pamela Corey (with some other photographers and models) with real live rabbits.

Yes, that’s right. Bunnies!



Turn up the squee factor to 10.

I haven’t ever really handled a rabbit before. I have known people who had them as pets, but they usually just kept them in their cages or in an outdoor pen. They are the softest little creatures on the planet, I am convinced. I could easily pet them all day. It’s no wonder that rabbit fur has been so popular…..poor bunnies. They can’t help how cuddly they are!

They are also easily startled, so no sudden movements….found that out the hard way when I moved during the shoot quicker than the rabbit had expected, causing her to fidget and flail out of my arms.

But rabbits are pretty easy to work with, as far as animals go. My experience with the bunnies was nothing like the time I tried to do a photoshoot with my cat Buffy. As long as you don’t move too quickly, they stay pretty calm and do what you want them to for the most part. The younger ones, much like humans, have more energy. I noticed this when we had a mother and her young out and the little ones kept hopping off to explore the room, causing people helping on the set to have to actively “corral” the rabbits.

One downside to the experience was my allergies did flare up around the rabbits. I’m not sure if it was from the hay that was in their pen or the actual rabbit itself, but I got a little wheezy and had to take a break to get my breathing under control. After I took some Benadril and wasn’t holding the rabbit so close to my face, I was fine.

I have received a few photos from the shoot already, so I’ll post a few teasers here:

Photo by Shelley Shearer. Photo by Dancing Squirrel Photography.

After the shoot, my boyfriend and I took the rest of the day and wandered around downtown Frederick. Frederick is about an hour’s drive from where we live, so it’s not a place we visit often. To tell the truth, I had only been there twice before and both visits were so brief that I didn’t really see much of anything there. The town is full of great places to eat. We had lunch at Brewer’s Alley, which was excellent. As we walked around, even once we ate and were no longer hungry, I kept smelling delicious things from all the restaurants we passed. There’s also a lot of cool shops, art galleries, and beautiful parks in the area.

Frederick very much has a feel of old America to it. Walking around, looking at the architecture, one could easily imagine themselves back in the colonial era. I saw so many amazing things there. I cursed myself for not bringing my camera so I could take better pictures, but settled for iPhone photography. I got a few nice snapshots from our travels….

I think I’ll have to find a reason to return to Frederick and shoot again. 😉


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