Living Canvas: February RAW Baltimore-Discovery with Body Painter Christine Cots!

Opportunities often come to you when you least expect them.

Back in early February, I was browsing casting calls on Model Mayhem, looking for some interesting new people to work with. I stumbled upon a casting by Christine Cots requesting models to be body painted for a local show. I replied to the casting, but I was a bit late, models had already been selected. Christine said that she liked my work though, and said she’d like to work with me at some other point in the future. I agreed, her body paint portfolio looked stunning, and I wanted to put more paint in my portfolio.

I thought I probably wouldn’t hear from her for a while, so I was very surprised when she contacted me the day before her show saying she hadn’t heard from one of the models and may need someone to stand in. The show, I realized, was RAW Baltimore: Discovery, the very same show I had been debating attending. Not wanting to miss my chance, I went down to TATU after work and got painted up!

Christine does amazing work. When I arrived, she was finishing work on her other living canvas for the evening, a girl she painted up as a cheetah. Watching her paint was hypnotic.

Christine Painting the Cheetah.

Being body painted, fully painted, is always a bit of a process. It took a bit over an hour to be painted. We didn’t really decide on a theme beforehand, so I just came with what I had to work with. I had two pairs of blue bootyshort like underwear, so we went with the blue and decided to do a water theme.

I have to say that the paint she uses is excellent quality paint. I was impressed how smooth it went on, and it didn’t crack like some paints are known to do. The black especially was incredible. It went on so dark and solid; it almost looked like a tattoo. The only downside to this was the paint was murder to wash off afterwards. And the worst two colors to clean off? Black and blue. What colors were I primarily painted with? Yep, you guessed it: black and blue. Lol

Even after showering and scrubbing (and even having my boyfriend help me) for about an hour, I still had splotches of black and blue on me the next day and had to dress in a way to disguise my discoloration when I went to work.

Still, it was totally worth it.

Being a living canvas for Christine was a lot of fun and the reactions from patrons were interesting to see. Christine is also the sweetest person to work with, even though I literally just met her it felt like we’d been friends for ages. That’s just how she treats people. I really hope I can be painted by her again.

The artist with her canvases.

The artist with her canvases.

The venue RAW Baltimore is using now, TATU, is also an excellent venue. They are an Asian fusion restaurant and have EXCELLENT sushi. In addition to the food, the place is just beautiful. The layout and fixtures are incredible. If you ever get a chance to go: take it. RAW Baltimore has been hosting their showcases here monthly, on the first Thursday of each month. It seems every month I have known at least two people presenting in the show, and this May’s show will include the work of my friend Reider (Firewolf Photography) in addition to my friend Shiloh performing with his band Fathom. Definitely worth checking out, you can obtain tickets on RAW’s site here.

TATU has these kick ass lanterns which I would love to use as a background one day. ;)

TATU has these kick ass lanterns which I would love to use as a background one day. 😉

Since facebook has me paranoid about posting bodypaint images still, I will once again share images here. The photographer for the night was Dominic Blackwell, so all photos (aside from the shots I posted above which I took with my iPhone) are his work.

Enjoy! 🙂


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