April 20th: Privateer Festival, Mermaids, and the Best Day Ever!!!

April 20th was a wonderful day. Incase you didn’t know, April 20th is my birthday. I know a lot of bad stuff happened on that day (things that people inevitably bring up whenever they hear this day is the anniversary of my birth) but let’s forget about them for now and look at the positive, kay?

There’s an annual model mayhem meet and greet in Fells Point in the spring. In the past few years, those scheduling the meet and greet  arranged for it to fall on the same weekend as the Privateer Festival in Fells Point; a pirate themed festival and essentially a “training camp” for the Maryland Renaissance Festival, according to some. This year though, it all happened to land on my birthday, April 20.

The theme is (of course) pirates, but after dressing as a pirate a few years in a row, it got a little boring, so Roxana suggested dressing as mermaids. Having a mermaid costume already available from a previous event, I was more than prepared, so I joined in on the fun. Roxana constructed her whole outfit, and assisted with our friend Raye’s headpiece. I am always in awe of what she can do.

I had constructed the top of my outfit a while ago, for a fairytale themed shoot, and held onto it afterwards to reuse in a mermaid costume for the renaissance festival. I decided to create a few new pieces, so I crocheted a sash to tie around my waist which I embellised with some pearls and a crystal starfish pendant, and I also made a seaweed covered hair comb to wear.

Getting crafty!

Getting crafty!

The day of the event, I realized I had never bothered to worry about what footgear to wear, and was a bit lost for ideas at first, until I rediscovered these sparkling shoes in my closet. The funny thing was that I had almost donated them to a local thrift store only a month ago. Good thing I thought to hold on to them! Their shimmer fit the theme perfectly, and the little sparkles reminded me of scales.

There is always a reason for sparkle shoes.

There is always a reason for sparkle shoes.

Since Maryland’s weather is utterly ridiculous and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be hot or cool that day, I also brought along a blue and green wrap to put around my shoulders if it got too cold. I was glad I did too, it was pretty chilly if the wind was blowing and I wasn’t sitting in direct sunlight.

The funny thing was that after I arrived at Fells Point for the meet and greet, I didn’t actually do much shooting. Most of my time was spent with Roxana and Raye, wandering around and checking out various things to buy, and stopping to talk to friends. The latter half of the day was when I did the most photos.

We stumbled upon an especially fun shop in Fells Point called Emporium Collagia, which is stuffed full of fun stuff. Roxana and I both ended up purchansing something there, and my boyfriend even got me a birthday gift there.  🙂 It is an awesome little place, filled with lots of unique items. I have to go back there again.

Even though I didn’t do a lot of shoots, I felt it was a good day. A lot of people liked the mermaid costumes, and kids really wanted to say hi to the mermaids. 🙂 Roxana, Raye, and I were actually asked to be in a lot of photos with people because they liked our costumes that much.

The Mermaids of Baltimore. Photo by MCP Photography.

The Mermaids of Baltimore. Photo by MCP Photography.

One of my highlights of the day was at the Baltimore Bird Fanciers tent, where I actually got to hold a real live bird on my shoulder. So cute!

He matches my outfit too!

He matches my outfit too!

My little bird friend on my shoulder is a Pacific Parrotlet, the smallest species of parrot. This little bird was very friendly and full of personality. I thought it was especially adorable to watch it climb up my arm, using its break and feet to get to my shoulder. It was cool having a bird just hang out with me like that; I can see how pirates got into the trend, lol.

All in all, I think it was a great birthday.

As always, here are some photos. More to follow on facebook.



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