Spoutwood Faerie Fest 2013 Report

The season of the fae is here! With last weekend’s Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival in PA, and the Maryland Faerie Festival approaching this weekend, spring has finally officially begun for me. I made my regular trip to Spoutwood this year with some friends last Saturday and enjoyed the festival.

The drive up is always enchanting. The road to Spoutwood Farm holds a lot of interesting sites and natural splendor. Whenever I drive to Pennsylvania I have that experience though; like I have slipped away from the suburbs and back into nature.

I only went on Saturday, but my experience of the festival is that Saturday is the best day to go. The day was gorgeous: sunny and mild. I actually ended up getting a little sunburnt, even though I had used sun screen! I ran into a lot of people I knew that day, including people I recognized from the MD Renaissance Festival but never really had the opportunity to get to know before. The crowd there is always so fun and friendly, and it’s great for families. A lot of people brought their children and it was adorable to see them dressed up in fairy costumes. On a couple of occasions I saw a mother and daughter in matching costumes. 🙂

There’s also a lot of live music performances and dancers. I didn’t watch too many musicians this year, but one performance I did enjoy was the “Aubergine Faeries” of Aubergine Bellydance. I especially like their innovative idea to wear silks attached to their arms for their wings…I like the look of the style so much I think I will work something similar into a future outfit.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gwenifaery, who operates an online shop which sells all sorts of lovely fae goods that she creates herself!  From wings to bodices and tutus, in addition to other accessories, she does it all and it looks amazing!. She was very friendly, and her whole entourage was a walking ad for her wings. They looked gorgeous, and I am hoping to get a set of wings from her for myself one day. You can find her shop, Faerieworks, on facebook here, or visit her online store here.

An annual obligatory stop for me at the faerie festival always includes a visit to Cherie Anne Designs’ booth. I discovered the shop during my very first visit to the Spoutwood Faerie Festival, and I have been coming back ever since. Their selection of teas is simply amazing, and they also sell handmade jewelry and accessories. They have an actual store in York, PA; and a website which you can visit here.

While making my rounds, I happened to run into Ken Morrill of Yenra Photography. We did a few photos, and it was great to see him again. I look forward to seeing everything once it is posted, but for now all I have are a few preview shots. Enjoy!


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