Seduced by Six: A New Accessory Discovery

            Whenever business pushes me to take a trip to Annapolis, whatever the reason, I always try to drop by the stores in the area and look around. There are a lot of interesting shops there. In the spirit of saving money, I had intended to only window shop today. I was trying to be good, and not spend any money on this trip—trying being the key word, of course–but then I got lured into the new accessory shop, Six, and my resolution failed. But let’s face it; there was no way in hell I was leaving that store without this necklace:

So totally me, cannot wait to wear this one.

So totally me, cannot wait to wear this one.

            Upon walking in, Six instantly seemed like a clone of Aldo, another accessory shop I have visited. However, there was one big difference: price.

            The necklace I simply had to have was surprisingly only $15.95. Something like this at Aldo would certainly be between 30 and 40 dollars. I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced their accessories were. I don’t think even Claire’s is that much of a bargain these days.

            Somehow I have a feeling this is only the beginning…..There were lots of items in there that piqued my interest.

            Interested in Six? The Annapolis store is located in the Annapolis mall. They can also be found on Facebook here, or you can go to their official website here. They have stores in several countries too! Check them out! 🙂


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