Spotted and Speckled Nails

Anyone who knows me knows I have a LOT of nail polish. Seriously. A LOT. I have enough nail color to open my own salon in my place. (Hmmmm that doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea….) But even so, and even though my boyfriend protested at me buying more lacquer of the finger nail variety, I ended up purchasing some more recently.

If you haven’t heard, Maybelline Color Show brand nail color has released a collection of polka dot nail polishes. Essentially it’s confetti  in a bottle for your nails and I have to admit I love it. I did my nails tonight with the orange hue, aptly named “Dotty”.


I really like the look of this polish. The orange with the black and white honestly makes me thin of a monarch butterfly. I’m glad I bought 3 of the shades I saw offered in the store display, and I am seriously debating returning for the rest…..

That pink is looking pretty rad.....

That pink is looking pretty rad…..

Check out more for yourself online here. Which is your favorite?


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