Independence Day and Photographing Fireworks

To celebrate the 4th of July, my boyfriend and I decided to catch the fireworks show at Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County. I didn’t dress up too much, but I did do my own brand of flare with my eye makeup.

Fireworks eyes by Kelley Nymph.

Fireworks eyes by Kelley Nymph.

The cool thing about the show at Oregon Ridge was that before the fireworks show, there was a performance by Baltimore’s own Symphony Orchestra. It was wonderful to lie in the grass under the night sky and listen to the symphony…..a better way to spend Independence Day than I had last year– that was for certain.

I was excited to try to experiment with photographing the fireworks, especially after reading this article and seeing the visual effect produced with long exposure. I like to experiment with photography from time to time, though I certainly would not call myself a photographer still by any means. Though I could not replicate the effect I saw in the article I had read, I had discovered while playing with my settings that my camera actually has a “fireworks setting”. So I played with that. Here’s a sample of what I got.

I will be going to an Orioles game at the end of this week, where I hear there will be another fireworks show. I look forward to seeing what I can get there. 😉

Until next time….


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