There She Was, Miss America…How We Adored You

I do not own this image, it was found in a random google search.

So, I was driving to work today; and when I drive my subconscious wanders around from time to time on random subjects as the main part of my brain focuses on the road. I had a particularly interesting train of thought on the road today, so I thought I would share it.

We’ve all heard of the beauty pageants like Miss America and Miss Universe. For a lot of girls, we grew up looking to those women, wishing that we could be them. We all hoped that one day we could look gorgeous in a long flowing sparkly formal gown, looking like a perfect princess with every hair perfectly in place. We wanted to wow the world with our beach bodies, eloquent speech, and talents, and be the sole winner to receive the crown. We would watch the pageants, in awe of all the beauty before us and worshipped the one who was crowned, elevating her to goddess status.

But what happened to those women?

Nowadays, it seems you cannot hear anything about a Miss America without hearing “scandal” soon after. The most popular one seems to be the classic, “OMG She posed nakey!!!” which I just don’t understand.

This is a competition celebrating looks and one’s body….why should nudity count against that?

Then there’s the numerous gaffes by Miss America contestants, the girls who, when interviewed, open their mouths and reveal that there is nothing brilliant behind that makeup mask. It’s probably the most disappointing to see those girls- they perpetuate a stereotype that pretty women can’t be smart….and sometimes that morphs into women in general are not smart….

The most recent one, which just disgusted me, was a controversy over the 2013 Miss America Winner being “too fat to be in a bikini.”  It’s absurd. The picture everyone fussed over is a beautiful healthy girl on the beach with her beautiful friend. Maybe she wasn’t as toned looking in those photos as she had appeared to be in the pageant, but it doesn’t mean she’s any less beautiful or less a person. Honestly, I don’t see a problem. Luckily, there are those out there who recognize how ludicrous this whole thing is (like this great girl) but it really bothers me.

How do people think women should look?

Why is there a “way women should look?”

How do people think women should act?

Is there a “way a woman should act?”

To be honest, as I have grown older, I have noticed that the people in these pageants all seem like carbon copies of each other. They all look and act about the same, and it’s all socially acceptable.

What are we teaching people through this? That uniformity is what is desirable? That in order to stand out, you should blend in, but only in the best way?

I started thinking…..

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a pageant celebrating alternative beauty? A pageant where the contestants didn’t look just like each other and weren’t all walking Barbie dolls….but tom boys, geeks, metal heads, artists, poets, and musicians with funky neon died hair, wearing torn jeans, corsets, and fishnets. Girls who wouldn’t need to conform to a standard hair color and length, height, or body shape; but be celebrated for being different and respected for being beautiful in their own way. Intelligent women, who use their minds, and are not afraid to use their voices.

It would be great to see.

But this may never happen, so do your own part everyday:

Be beautiful in your own way.

Don’t be afraid that you don’t fit in with the clones of the social norm.

You’ve got a brain; don’t be afraid to use it.

Voice your opinion.

Wear that crazy outfit that makes people stare.

Dye your hair orange and give normalcy the finger.

Wear that crown and rock it, even if it’s only in your head


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