Diamond Candles: Because Girls Love Candles and Sparkly Things

photo from diamondcandles.com

photo from diamondcandles.com

I have to confess, I love a good gimmick.

I saw an ad for Diamond candles a while back which proclaimed, “A 10, 100, 1000, or 5000 ring in every candle!” I was interested, and I like candles even without the promise of a free ring in the candle, so I checked out their website. The candles aren’t cheap, I will say that. But hey, you’re getting a nice ring in there! They are also all natural soy based candles, as opposed to wax, so they are environmentally friendly. My best friend’s birthday was right around the corner and I had a feeling she’d love it, so I bought one for her and one for myself.

I got Misty Dawn for my friend and Orchid Meadow for myself.

They both smelled really good, it made me not want to give up the other candle! 😀

The website says that it typically takes 10-15 hours to uncover the ring within the candle, but mine was more like 7 or 8 before I saw the edge of that lovely golden pouch that held my treasure. The ring was really pretty—looks to be a peridot flanked by CZ on each side. I’m really happy with it.

My ring!!!! :)

As for my friend, she told me she burned her candle all day in order to get to her ring, and this was the ring she turned up. She loved it. Definitely a great gift idea!

my friend's ring! It's the yellow one.

I love the idea. It’s like a more girly and fun take on the Cracker Jack idea of old. I think I’ll be getting more of these candles in the future!

You can get your own today at diamondcandles.com.


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