Through the Never: Kelley Nymph on the Metallica Movie

Twisting, turning, Through the Never.

Twisting, turning, Through the Never.

Metallica was one of those bands that lead me to my love of rock music. I don’t remember ever really listening to rock music before Metallica, but once my father had me listen to the black album, I was hooked for life. I’m not the most passionate fan of Metallica’s recent works, but who can say that the black album, Master of Puppets, or And Justice For All is not a worthy addition to any rocker’s repertoire? Though there are those out there that say Load and Reload were terrible, I found that some of the songs on those albums had their charms and I will admit that when I was a teenager I probably listened to them almost constantly.

Metallica is legendary, and when you get a chance to see something legendary you don’t pass it up. My friend’s fiance recently won tickets to go see the advance screening of the Metallica movie Through the Never in Silver Spring, and they were nice enough to invite my boyfriend and I along.

When I heard about the movie, I just figured it was like going to see a concert on the big screen, or a documentary of the band. My boyfriend actually did some research before we left to see the film, but even his research had not turned up much. The most information he found on the “plot” was that the movie basically followed one roadie’s misadventures trying to get something for the band while scenes of Metallica playing were spliced in.

It didn’t sound that exciting, but I was a bit curious and it was free, so why not? Besides it almost felt like going to a concert.

I was very surprised.

The production quality alone was amazing. I expected the shaky, unfocused camera look of a documentary. I was shocked when the film looked almost reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. The story with the roadie was very interesting to watch as well. I liked the plot behid his crazy quest and respect Metallica for staying away from some movie cliches. Without giving away too much, I will say that the roadie’s experience really seemed like it was going to go a certain way, and ended up being very different. The film left a lot of questions at the end—but although that was frustrating on some levels, it satisfied me as a writer to see something that didn’t end with every single question answered.

The music was awesome, of course. I have to admit that the concert scenes made me wish I had been there for that show. Pyrotechnics, a giant electic chair, coffin lights, a fire fight simulation…..As I watched I wished more and more that this was a performance I was actually at. My friends and I agreed that all off us had to fight the urge to headbang throughout  most of the movie, though it just seemed so right.

If you’re a Metallica fan- past or present- go see this movie. I can assure you that you’ll enjoy it.  🙂


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