Don’t Wake Me, It’s Not Halloween Anymore

It looks like I unfortunately have to admit October and Halloween are over…. 😦

But at least they didn’t go away without a fight. I had a lot of fun this October and Halloween season.

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, October was a music packed month for me with the release of Korn’s new album, then Nine Inch Nails played in DC and I got to see them live for the first time in my life, and I traveled to Philadelphia to see Beats Antique live in concert at the Theater of Living Arts as they toured to promote their new album. I plan on having a more detailed entry about that adventure soon, so look for it.

I also did a pretty cool body paint event at Orpheus. The turn out wasn’t as large as we had hoped but it was still kind of cool and I got some fun pictures.

Bodypaint and photo by Steve Freeman

Bodypaint and photo by Steve Freeman

Jim O’Connor had his work hanging in Bean Hollow on Main Street of Ellicott City, so some of my images were on the wall for all of September & October. If you happened to visit, you probably saw them. :3

I feel famous, lol

I feel famous, lol

I did get to showcase not just one but 2 autumn themed looks at MDRF this year. The first one was rather spur of the moment, the second one was planned ever since June. I’m glad I managed to get to show it off before the end of the season, even though the weather ruined my two initial chances to unveil the second outfit. But, as they say: third time is the charm!

Super autumn faire look!

Super autumn faire look!

I also participated in the day of wrong for the first time and made use of my Deanna Troi outfit again. It was a lot of fun! Some of you may have seen my post on facebook about the encounter I had in the parking lot after leaving that day…


I am still wondering.

I also attended the Goblins and Gears Steampunk Halloween Masquerade Ball in Glen Burnie. A totally awesome night: live music, awesome costumes, dancing, a raffle with over 150 prizes to be won (one of which went home with me!), numerous contests, food, open bar….what more could you ask for? It was also an event organized to benefit a charity for MS, so it was all for a good cause. My wonderful friend Orla Rose was working with Christian Foster at the event to create special photo souvenirs for all who wanted them. Just check out this great shot they put together of me and my date. :3

Photo by Foster Photo. Editing by Orla Rose.

Photo by Foster Photo.
Editing by Orla Rose.

Orla’s editing skills made that awesome backdrop possible!

In another spur of the moment development, I found out that the Mobtown Ballroom was hosting the Black Cat Ball to benefit the Edgar Allen Poe house in Baltimore, which recently changed ownership. All patrons who came dressed as Poe or a black cat were entered in a special drawing. I decided to be bold and got not only dressed as a black cat….but the black cat, as described in Poe’s tale complete with gouged out eye. Thanks to some gore makeup from the local Halloween store, I made the vision a reality.

Kelley Nymph as Poe's Black Cat

Kelley Nymph as Poe’s Black Cat

It was my first special effects attempt and though it wasn’t perfect, I still got a lot of compliments. I was also selected as the best black cat costume in attendance! I hardly win anything, so it made me happy to win even though it was a small contest.

This was an awesome party complete with open bar and lots of dancing. Though I didn’t really know anyone in attendance, I had fun.

To finish off the Halloween groove, I went on a ghost tour of Ellicott City the day after Halloween. Ellicott City has quite a history, and I’m glad I went on the tour. I learned a lot of interesting things about the area, and though I didn’t actually see any spooky sightings (darn) I will certainly look at the area a bit differently now.

Every year around this time, I embark upon a quest for all things pumpkin flavored. In my quest for pumpkin flavored everything, I happened to stumble across pumpkin spice Kahlua in the liquor store, which lead to the invention of my own pumpkin pie shooter. Frangelico, Kahlua Pumpkin Spice and cream were the magic ingredients. It was super yummy! 🙂

One thing I did not do this year was visit a pumpkin patch, which I have wanted to do for a while now. I might make it to one later this month, before pumpkins are considered out of season. I carved pumpkins last year and I was a bit disappointed I could not find the time for the activity this year. I also want to do a photoshoot in one…. soon, hopefully!


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