Kelley Nymph on Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor 2: The Dark World Poster screen schot

I will start this review saying that I hadn’t planned to write this review until I happened to watch Comicbook Girl 19’s review today on youtube. She inspired me and brought up some interesting points, so I felt I should share what I thought as well. Unlike my last post on Catching Fire, this review will be spoiler-heavy, as I plan on discussing plot elements of the movie in detail. Besides, the movie’s been out for a few weeks now, so you should have seen it already. If not, go watch it and then catch up.

From the first time I saw the trailer for Thor: The Dark World, I wanted to see it in theaters. I could not say the same of the first movie, which I only watched in preparation for The Avengers….and was not fond of. The budget for this movie was clearly wayyyyyy higher than the first movie and the visuals were breathtaking…kind of like how Catching Fire clearly had more cash to work with than the original Hunger Games. I freely told people upon seeing the sequel that it was everything I had wanted out of the first movie.

The bad guy in the movie is a dark elf and because he’s a dark elf, he’s Disney evil….evil because he’s all things dark and likes darkness. I agree with Comicbook Girl 19 that he’s a pretty blah villain, and he’s just there….Honestly, he just seems to be super goth. I mean, c’mon……born in darkness, wants to snuff out all the light in the universe….this guy is goth to the MAX. But yeah, any villain whose goal is to rid the universe of light is a kind of meh villain.

I know there are always differences when you change a story from one medium to another and I never expect a movie based on a book or a comic to be completely loyal to the original plotline. I also recognize that there isn’t as much time to develop and foster development of minor characters in films. That being said, I will move onward to my next points….

19 argued in her review that when Thor’s mother dies in the film, it is a scene that tries to foster emotion that isn’t there, and the emotion isn’t there because the character was not developed enough. I disagree. I definitely liked Frigga, Thor’s mother, and was sad when she died…I cried buckets, I’ll admit it. From the very beginning, the audience sees she is a nurturing woman and wants peace between Loki and Thor. She is the only one who even associates with Loki during his imprisonment, and though he lashes out at her, she keeps on loving him. I liked that about her. The little bit of husband/wife banter between her and Odin was also very sweet and made me fond of her character. It was a loving interaction that calls to mind something like grandparents who have been together for years and years and are still very much in love with each other. Everything about her character is warm and loving, and we see how determined she is to protect Jane– the motivation for this urge to protect this girl she knows nothing about isn’t so much the fact that she has the aether inside her….I believe it is more for her son Thor, because she knows how much he cares for her. Sure her character could have been developed more, but it’s a movie, and there is only so much time allotted in the film to allow us to foster feelings for the characters. Her scenes were brief but they all helped to foster that Frigga was a character rooted in love, and love is what got her killed. We also see a genuine emotional reaction from Loki after her death, showing that yes….even Loki is capable of caring about someone other than himself.

Speaking of Jane, I also do not get the whole love story with her and Thor…I know she was the love interest in the original storyline years ago….but that never worked out on the whole. The newer Thor comics I have read actually don’t even feature Jane, and focus on Sif as the primary love interest for Thor. I like this idea MUCH better. Sif seems like a better match for Thor, they are both from Asgard, both gods….and both kick some major ass. Jane is kind of……meh. I honestly hoped that Jane would die and Thor would be left to kindle flames with Sif….she flirts with him in one scene, which got my hopes up, but in the end he goes to Earth… be with Jane Foster…..ugh. I want more Sif!!!!

Seriouly, look at this girl MORE SIF!!!!!

seriously, look at this girl—MORE SIF!!!!!

I like Natalie Portman as an actress, I do. She was amazing in Black Swan, I loved her in V for Vendetta, and The Professional was fucking incredible…..I just hate the romance of Jane Foster with Thor. Please, someone make it stop.

This movie had lots of Loki, which I was happy about. His snarky humor had me laughing through the entire scene that the two gods sneak off Asgard with Jane. When he was run through on the baddie’s blade, I even cried out my objection. Of course, we who saw the movie all know Loki didn’t really die…..

Asgard, bitches!!!!!

Asgard, bitches!!!!!

That kind of makes me wonder where the hell Odin went though….

The characters did have some fun interactions, the movie was visually just incredible, I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed it. Also there’s Chris Hemsworth with no shirt on, which is nice to drool over look at.

Hubba hubba.


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