Walking Dead After the Chaos: Kelley Nymph’s Take on the Season 4 Mid-Season Finale

Don't worry, the crowd thins out.

Don’t worry, the crowd thins out.

I had a lot of things I wanted to blog about over this weekend: the holiday, a photoshoot I did, the Rob Zombie concert I went to…..

But I have placed them all aside in favor of discussing the season 4 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. It was EPIC—the sort of episode that had me yelling at the TV with joy and despair, adrenaline fueled, unable to stay seated on my couch sort of epicness.

So yeah….this blog will be spoiler heavy. Spoilerific. Spoilers with spoilers on top…complete with pictures.

If you don’t want to have it spoiled for you, I suggest you click away….click away quickly.

Last chance!

Now the basic summary and highlights, complete with some of my favorite memes.

So the season got off to a sort of mediocre start. We see the Woodbury people that came to the prison at the end of season 3 are integrating well and everyone seems to be doing better. A council has been formed, like in the comic storyline, to make major decisions and handle business. Rick is a farmer, Carl is restricted from using a gun after he shot the Woodbury boy who was surrendering at the end of the last season, and things are peaceful…well, Carol is using story time as an opportunity to teach the children proper killing techniques, but hey–it’s the zombie apocalypse, these things are important lessons.

Carol's lessons....nice.

Carol’s lessons….nice.

But then, the flu outbreak happens. I had many friends get upset with these episodes, saying they were unrealistic (seriously guys, it’s a zombie show– reality left the building a WHILE ago) and slow. I liked how the illness was incorporated into their storyline, it was an interesting part of reality to consider; but the plot wasn’t too gripping, I agree. We were introduced to a lot of red shirts that were gone within a few episodes (Patrick, Caleb, Beth’s bf Zach, and Karen, to name a few) once the flu starts killing off people.  When two members of the group (including Tyrese’s love interest Karen) are murdered, Tyrese demands Rick to find out who killed them and take action. Unfortunately, we learn the person who committed this act of horror was Carol, with the intention of stopping the illness from spreading. Her actions only made things worse though, and Rick exiles her without consulting anyone else in the group first. This was a pivotal moment in the show, as the opening of this season has Rick so adamant about staying out of major decisions. Though I can’t blame him for his decision, I feel it was a mistake to send Carol away. But I have a feeling we will see her again soon, so I am not too pressed about it at the moment.

If you don't get this, go youtube "Llamas with hats". Your welcome, you're about to have a neat day.

If you don’t get this, go youtube “Llamas with hats”. Your welcome, you’re about to have a neat day.

The next big thing, the one that everyone was waiting for, was the return of the Governor.  I was thrilled when he first showed up again, but then the excitement took a dip when the storyline did backtracking to the events immediately following season 3 after he killed off nearly his entire army and ran off. The attempt to redeem the Governor with his new makeshift family made me a little angry, mainly because I almost wanted to feel for him. His interactions with Megan especially made me want to believe anyone could be saved, anyone can turn back to the light after living in darkness for so long.

But it wasn’t to be, and I knew it.

Don't get feels for him. It's a trick, get an axe.

Don’t get feels for him. It’s a trick, get an axe.

Governor finds some of his old crew with a new camp while running with his new “family”: Lily, Megan, and Tara. He quickly goes back to his old Governor ways, killing Martinez (while they were drinking beer and golfing! low blow, dude) and eliminating anyone he sees as being a threat and recruiting new helpers for his militia. Once Megan has a close encounter with a walker, the Governor once again sets his sights on the prison, taking Michonne and Hershel hostage….

And that’s when SHIT GOT REAL.

The Governor makes his last stand in one of the best showdowns in the series. Unfortunately, there were casualties, Hershel being the one I agonized over the most. The scene was so powerful. Rick pleading with the Governor’s group, saying that they can coexist, the way Hershel smiles at him in his last moments, the moment of uncertainty when the Governor just took a long look at Michonne’s katana before burying it in Hershel’s neck….it was so well done. I was upset the character had to die, I really grew to like Hershel in this season. He became the mentor everyone was looking to, and was even better than Dale in some cases. Even though I was upset that he was killed off, I have to commend the writers on the way they set up the events. They gave Hershel an honorable and memorable death that no one will forget.

RIP Hershel, we'll miss you....and Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays.

RIP Hershel, we’ll miss you….and Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays.

Another favorite death for me was Lizzie shooting Alisha in the head. That was hardcore. You go kid; you are showing that Carol’s lessons were the right way to go. At least she didn’t end up like Megan……which is another thing I really wanted to mention. This child nearly dies just an episode ago, and already her dumb mother is letting her play alone in unfamiliar territory during the zombie apocalypse?! Not only that, but Megan didn’t try very hard to get away….I know she’s a kid and all, but she’s seen walkers up close at least three times by that point, you’d think she’d get the idea by now to fight as hard as you can to get away, don’t let them bite you, and most importantly: don’t just sit there and scream! Lizze and her sister were way better at taking care of business.

There was a moment of panic for Daryl fans everywhere, but come on guys……everyone LOVES Daryl Dixon. There’s no way they’d write him off that easily…..but I have to admit I still had this reaction:

This was me on Sunday night.

This was me on Sunday night.

Also, kudos to Daryl for taking out a motherf*ing tank. AWESOME.

Daryl > Tank

Daryl > Tank

Of course, the highlight of the night was the death of the Governor. I liked the way he was killed. This moment made me jump up and cheer:



Ultimately, it was Lily who ended the Governor, but the scene with Michonne was perfect. The way she turned her back on him and didn’t finish him has been an action that some fans did not approve of, but it was so in character with Michonne to do something like that. She hated the Governor, why would she end his pain by finishing him off? She wanted him to suffer, and when she saw he was suffering, she was satisfied and left him that way.

Of course, several questions remain: Judith was gone at the end of the episode, a blood stained baby carrier left behind….is she dead? (She wasn’t included in Talking Dead’s list of goodbyes, so she may still be alive, but it doesn’t look good.) Who was the person feeding the rats to the Walkers outside the prison? What happened to Carol, and is she coming back? What will become of Lily and Tara now that their loved ones are dead and the Governor is no more? Who is the sicko who dissected the animal that Tyrese found? Most importantly: who’s been cutting the grass?

I can’t wait to see what develops next. I have a few theories based on the comic storyline, but the show has diverged from the comic so much that it’s fair to say anything could happen. It has been confirmed that the characters of Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene have been cast, so there is that to look forward to. There was also the brief snippet of radio that Michonne heard in  the car. I believe this will become a major part of the story to come, in addition to the animal killings and the mysterious person feeding the walkers. I have theories as to how this plot will be developed, but I cannot state them with any certainty just yet, so I will keep them to myself for now.

February needs to hurry up and get here, that’s all I gotta say.




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