Pasty Plethora

I’ve been designing a lot of pasties lately, mainly for the burlesque shows I have done, but I also just have had a lot of fun ideas and wanted to make them a reality. I did a TON of Christmas designs, but I have been working on some other ones as well…. just take a look at some designs I have done so far:

I really like making pasties, they are so fun to make. Typically, pasties are sought out by burlesque performers, but don’t let it push you away from taking a look. Pasties can also be a fun surprise to wear in the bedroom! 😛

I was curious about designs other people came up with so I took a moment to browse online for various designs. A lot of them were pretty basic, but then I found some more exotic designs, like these grumpy cat pasties. I have to say, they are pretty fantastic. I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with numerous designs, including my own original shapes like the Christmas tree pasties I have featured above. Once I launch the etsy store I have been planning to open this year, I will have a variety of options available.

I have to admit, I really broke the ice with ideas for pasties since the Star Trek Burlesque show. Stay tuned for more!


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