2013 in Photographic Review

2013 was a year of many new things: Burlesque, I started belly dancing lessons, I indulged in fencing for a while (hopefully I’ll be able to return to the practice), went to some new and interesting places, had a lot of cool opportunities, and most importantly: did more new shoots.

After much delay, it is time I finally share with you my top 10 photoshoot picks from the previous year. Keeping in tradition with how I have done this in the past, I have chosen 10 photos from 10 different shoots and will discuss why I have chosen these images as my top images from the past year. These photos are not ranked, and will be presented in the chronological order they were produced.

First up is a photo from a session with Random Eye Candy Photography. I wanted to explore more pinup and budoir looks for a while and decided to do a fun little shoot (mostly for my boyfriend’s benefit) and play with some ideas. This was something different for me and it was fun to play around with my boyfriend’s ties. Yes, that’s right, the ties in this image are all his. Needless to say he enjoyed this set. 😉 I also enjoyed this set, it’s one of the raciest shoots I have ever done. I do not do implied work very often, but Ren is an awesome photographer, a great friend, and she made me feel very comfortable.

Next is a vintage themed shoot with John Milleker Jr. and his girlfriend Christine Metzgar. We did some really different stuff that day with wetplate and black & white film that was really interesting. I chose to include this photo simply because this photo is an untouched image, straight out of camera, and it looks great. The film has a look to it that I feel is lost on people in the digital age. I love the texture to it; you just can’t get anything like that in a digital image. I love working with John and Christine and their processes. They do so much amazing work with a camera that most photographers have no clue about in these times. I hope to do a lot more with them this year as well.

Next is an image I did with 3reative Media and Natalie Patrice makeup artistry. I was surprised I was chosen to be one of the “fresh faces” for this project which was comprised of a natural look and a themed headshot. I don’t do natural or “clean” looks very often, but this image blew me away with its simple beauty. I felt like I was looking at a Cover Girl ad. I unfortunately never received anything regarding the second look of this session (which upsets me since I had really wanted to see how it turned out) but this picture was very amazing and sometimes you just don’t get to see everything from a shoot. I would definitely work with Natalie again; she was an amazing makeup artist.

Next is a photo from the Wizard of Oz cosplay event I was apart of hosted by Steve Freeman. Initially it was a bodypaint event, but some of the costumes just don’t seem to work too well with bodypaint….costumes like the character I portayed, for example: Princess Ozma. Princess Ozma is a very interesting character in the Oz universe. Not many people know of her unless you have read the original Frank L. Baum stories, the graphic novels based upon those stories, or happened to see the movie “Return to Oz” which came out in the 1980’s……a lot of people hated that movie, but Ozma was in it. Unfortunately the look of the character for the movie was COMPLETELY different from the original stories. I chose to include this shot by Shelley Shearer from this event because it is one of my favorites from that day which captured my whole costume. This is also one of the very first costumes which I completely made by hand—not something bought or modified. One of my good friends assisted with sewing the dress since I am still a bit of a novice sewer, but it turned out pretty well. I even made the staff and the crown myself. 🙂

Next up was from a very random shoot with Leah Hewitt Photography. Leah was assisting Gail Kilker when I came over to shoot the very awesome neon yellow and black set last year before she left for California. After Gail and I did our thing, Leah and I just played around with some things that happened to be around, and we came up with one of my favorite headshots of 2013, hands down. I love the elegance and gothic look of this image- the lace blindfold, the tulle around my head, it all works together so well for a sensual and mysterious look. Leah and I worked together a few other times last year, and I look forward to doing even more with her in the future.

I felt like including this next photo shot by Gail Kilker because it was so outside of my typical sort of “style”. I signed up to work with Gail in this Sixties themed shoot in a Victorian style home in Pennsylvania, not really knowing what to expect. The team she worked with for the theme dressed me up and did their thing; I just showed up, pretty much. The styling is not a sort of look I typically do; in fact I have never done a sixties look before this shoot and was afraid I’d look a little ridiculous. When I saw the pictures I was blown away. I hadn’t been confident about the look but I really pulled it out. For that reason I feel it belongs here. I always get overjoyed when I can do a look that I normally don’t do.

Will and I haven’t worked together much in a while, and he’s been through a few new monikers since then for his photography, but we managed to get together for this fun shoot in Patapsco state park last summer. I love the kimono mini dress I wore for these shots and though I did a brief shoot in it before with Jim O’Keefe, I felt it needed another run. I love the waterfall in the background and some of the shots from this set honestly made me feel like I was in Japan, not in Maryland. I had a lot of fun with this. I’m sure my mother also enjoys this one, since her favorite color is purple. 😛

Another racy set, I had been looking forward to this shoot for a while with Jim O’Connor. The original idea went through a few evolutions, but the main theme was guns and leather looking wardrobe, a dieselpunk/action hero/post apocalypse look. I feel like we did it quite well. These are also the first photos of me I have released that have me in pasties, so that was pretty monumental. I enjoyed this look, and Jim always does all things dark so well. 🙂
The next photo is from another set by Jim. We shoot together and do awesome stuff so often, that it is amazing that I managed to narrow the field down to just two images by him. I had to include this next one because this is from Jim’s Rockburn Tree project that he worked on last year. Each month he selected a different model to shoot in front of this dead tree at Rockburn Park which has an awesomely creepy feel to it. I was the September model. In an effort to be different, I decided to go with a spiritual yoga vibe rather than more of the dark looks I typically do and did yoga poses around the tree. I got a lot of exercise at this shoot….best yet, Jim compiled the work into a calendar which he has available through his page, but only for a limited time.

Last but not least, is this photo by Chris Fredericks (Theron Productions) from the Neon and Blacklight body paint event I attended in Pennsylvania just before October. I was painted up like a skeleton, and this was the most extensive body paint work I have ever done. I was literally painted from head to toe by Steve Freeman and it was amazing. My favorite shot of this event was this one that Chris captured. When I saw it, I was overjoyed with the way it all turned out. The skeleton girl looking mournful with the melted clock in the background made me think of the time we waste in life, that we can never get back after death seizes us from this world. Without a question this is one of my favorite pieces from the past year.

So there you have it: my top ten picks from my portfolio for 2013. It’s always hard narrowing down the list! I love so much of what I do, and I always have more planned……

Next year will be even more fun. I cannot wait. 😉


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