Angelspit Merch Package Love!

I always get really impressed when bands take the time to acknowledge their fans and do something cool for them. Saying this, I have to acknowledge the awesomeness that Angelspit recently did with their special merchandise package. Their merch site recently ran a deal for 2 random shirts, 5 wristbands, a random CD, and a lanyard for $30.00. I love Angelspit and thought this was a good deal for the amount of merchandise you would get for only $30.00, so I went ahead and purchased a package. I figured if worst came to worst and I received something I already had, I could gift it or eBay, so it would be no loss.

The package arrived fairly quickly and I was very pleased with everything I got. The CD I received was also one of the few albums I didn’t already have so that was awesome!

Also included in the package was a poster signed by Zoog and a pretty nice note. I find it so beyond awesome that he took the time to do that for the fans. I also liked seeing this little tidbit about Angelspit performing at Dragoncon, since I plan on attending DragonCon this year…..

Thank you Angelspit, for being so awesome to your fans!


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