Woods and the Water: Behind the Scenes

It’s been quite a while since I have done a behind the scenes entry on a shoot, so I decided to share with you this little behind the scenes tidbit from a shoot I did with Jim O’Connor and Ofelia Linh.

Photo by Jim O'Connor Photography

            It was one of the hottest days of the summer last year when we decided to go out for this shoot. We had planned to be in the water at Patapsco State Park anyway, so it was kind of a good thing that it was so hot out. Before going into the water, we did a few shots by some fallen trees left by a recent storm. I snapped a few shots of Ofelia and Jim working, Ofelia got playful once she noticed the camera was on her. I love doing photo shoots outdoors and being surrounded by nature. We even spied an Oriole out in the woods that day. Ironically, even though the Oriole is Maryland’s state bird, we don’t see them that often.

Jim and Ofelia, each doing their thang.

Jim and Ofelia, each doing their thang.

Silly time!

Silly time!







After the trees, we moved onward through the woods, to what appears to be an old abandoned church left to decay. We did a few photos here as well, and I couldn’t help but get a shot of the cool location.

Photo by Kelley Nymph.

Photo by Kelley Nymph.

After that, we returned to the main reason we came…..to play in the water. Ofelia brought some kick ass swords along and she let me play with them, which was awesome. We were both happy to get in the water after being out in the heat. Jim rendered most of the photos from that day in black and white, something about taking the color out of the image made it seem more eerie.

You can find more of this set on my facebook page. If you’re not already a fan, become one today! What are you waiting for? 😛


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