The Belated Katsucon 2014 Report

Another Katsucon has come and gone, and I finally decided to post about it, after pretty much forgetting about the fact that I was going to write about this con…..

I was afraid I wouldn’t even make it to the con this year after the previous week leading up to the con was filled with health issues for me which resulted in 2 visits to the ER and 3 days out of work. By some miracle though, I managed to feel well enough to manage visiting the con on that Saturday. Good thing too, because I had been planning to cosplay Melissandre, aka “The Red Woman” from Game of Thrones and was excited to reveal my work.

Unfortunately, due to the recent snowstorms that plagued the East coast, my supplies that I ordered to make Melissandre’s iconic necklace did not make it to me until after the con was over (funny; that happened with last year’s cosplay too. I need to get my Katsucon 2015 cosplay together by December this year to avoid any more mishaps.) but I feel I rocked it just as well, even without the necklace.  Right before the con, I happened to go by Walmart and found a cheap red infinity scarf which worked well for a shawl/headcovering like what Melissandre wore in some episodes of the show. I did not make this particular costume, but merely put pieces together for the look. The dress is from Holy Clothing, and it was PERFECT. From the first moment I saw the dress online, I knew I would use it for Melissandre.

I was loving the wig I bought for this look. Even though it wasn’t exactly like Melissandre’s hair in the show, I loved it. I felt my wig was closer for what I imagined her hair to look like when I read the book. The actress who plays the character on HBO has burgundy red hair, whereas George RR Martin describes Melissandre in the book as having hair “the color of burnished copper.” My wig looked more “burnished copper” to me, IMO.

Katsucon had a lot of great cosplay this year. I took more photos than I typically do. I managed to do a few shoots while I was there as well. Wishing I did more……I unfortunately missed the huge Game of Thrones cosplay meetup group because they happened to gather on Friday, and I did not go to Katsucon until Saturday. 😦

My favorite capture of this cosplay from that day. Thank you, Suzanne. <3

My favorite capture of this cosplay from that day. Thank you, Suzanne. ❤

I didn’t do much aside from hang out with friends this year, but I did pick up some stuff to take home, like this adorable snowflake Miku Hatsune plush, and this really awesome headband by Sweet Mildred which I just recently wore in a shoot with George Skepton (real mink skull on there, FYI.), and a ring from The Fairy Stitch Factory, which I decided looked so good with my Melissandre cosplay, I wore it for the rest of the day after purchasing it. (You can see it in the photo above).

And now some pictures of awesome people. 🙂



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