Hanging with the Ink Master

Representing B-more!!!!!

Representing B-more!!!!!

I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest fan of reality shows. The only one I ever watched consistently over the past couple years was Project Runway, and I even got sick of that one.

All these tattoo shows started coming out over the past few years, Ink Master was one I watched from time to time, but again: I’m not a big fan of reality TV, so I didn’t watch it religiously.

But then, Baltimore had a reason to care. One of our own was a contestant on the show.

Halo was selected this past season as one of the contestants on the show. Though I hadn’t really directly met Halo before, I knew who he was through association and I have a number of friends who are friends with him and have been tattooed by him. I caught some episodes of the recent season to show my support and voted online a couple times, but never made it out to any of the viewing parties in the area until this past Tuesday. It was the last episode before the live season finale being held in New York City, and my friend Jim O’Connor (who I have shot with several times [as you probably know if you follow me] and has also worked with Halo & his girlfriend) invited me out to the viewing party at Halo’s shop Black Lotus.

I decided to go. Why not? It sounded fun. I definitely was bumming it though: t-shirt, yoga/lounge pants, minimal makeup. I really did not dress to impress that night, but I wasn’t very worried about it.

The tattoo shop was packed with friends of Halo and fellow artists who worked there. I didn’t know many people there, but it was a chill atmosphere in spite of that, so I didn’t feel too awkward. Time before the episode was spent chatting, drinking wine, and admiring the art. Black Lotus’s walls are wall to wall eye candy, every time I turned around I saw another cool piece.

When the episode started, everyone kind of hushed and packed in around the TVs in the shop. We were all having so much fun, so excited until Mr. Navarro told Halo at the end of the episode he “did not have what it takes to be Ink Master.”

It was such a disappointment. Halo never let on that he was being cut at the end of that episode, and Jim and I were sure he was going to the finale. Even though he didn’t win this competition, Halo is an awesome artist. He made it as far as he did because of this fact and I don’t think he needs some TV show to validate his skill. I personally hope to get more tattoos in the future, and I would definitely want him to tattoo me. He also stands by his craft, and is a pretty awesome guy.

I’m glad I got to finally meet him. 🙂

Cheesin' like a dork. And of course there's a random guy photobombing.....lol

Cheesin’ like a dork. And of course there’s a random guy photobombing…..lol

Become a fan of Black Lotus on Facebook here, and check out Halo’s work on his page, here!


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