A Timey Wimey, Not in Kansas Anymore Sort of Weekend

Last weekend was busy. Seriously busy.

Truthfully, I had been a bit preoccupied for days before the weekend, as I was apart of a burlesque variety show celebrating Doctor Who that my friend Clementine O’Donnell put on which was aptly dubbed “The Wiggly Wobbly Timey Wimey Revue.” Since I am so broke creative, I decided to make many of the things I was using for the show and recycle things I already had on hand into my routines. The crowning achievement of these, undoubtedly, were my TARDIS pasties.

possibly the coolest set I have made yet.

possibly the coolest set I have made yet.

In addition to making my pasties for my act, I also made a bag full to sell at the show, so I was a busy pasty making girl for the days leading up to the event. I also made my Tardis fans…..you would not believe how hard it is to find royal blue feathers in this town!

The TARDIS pasties I did for a TARDIS fan dance act to Voltaire’s “It’s Bigger on the Inside”; Allen Ryde of Cosplay Burlesque fame was gracious enough to join me on the stage as the Doctor for that performance. My other acts featured a comedy skit with the lovely Liz Christmas discussing fan opinions of the show, and I brought back the veil fans for a dance to E.S. Posthumous’s “Pompeii” in the guise of one of the Sybilline Sisters from the episode “The Fires of Pompeii”.

It was a fun show. Mark Wagner was kind enough to photograph the event and produced some great shots from that evening and an amazing video from the “Pompeii” act. Though it was just a dance and not a burlesque performance, I was proud of it. Not to mention those fans look amazing. Clementine crossplayed as the Master, and she was fantastic, as always. The picture Mark snapped of us makes me laugh because I do look a bit worried to be in the clutches of the Master…..


The very next day I was off to the Grafitti Warehouse in Baltimore for the first time in a long time for Steve Freeman’s second Wizard of Oz event. You may recall the Oz event from last year which I attended at Slyhorse Studio. I reprised the same role of Princess Ozma, since I just happened to have all that stuff still lying around, and had a good time with old friends and new. Steve also painted a couple of new backdrops for the event, which was pretty cool. Not all the photos have hit the net yet, but what I have seen so far is great. Clementine was an excellent Scarecrow, Liz was adorable as Dorothy Gale, and I loved Nikki Raqs as the Wicked Witch. Leah Shein, who I met during the Star Wars shoot in February was a great General Jinjur, and she did an excellent job on her costume! I could go on and on about everyone’s amazing looks, I really could. Everyone looked so great that day. 🙂 Pictures are slowly creeping on to the net, and I am so looking forward to seeing more.

After the Oz event I relaxed by going up to Annapolis and walked around my state’s capital. I also took the time to drop in a local comic book shop and finally broke down and bought myself a copy of Watchmen, which was long overdue….I have read the graphic novel before, but the only copy I actually had was a digital copy which had been on an old computer which crashed long ago. So now I can finally read it again at my leisure. ^_^

I have to admit, it got me thinking….Perhaps a Watchmen themed shoot in the future……?

We’ll have to wait and see.





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